RPD chief wants intelligence-led policing strategy, but one aspect has been controversial elsewhere | Local News

Robinson said he recently initiated a crime analysis project called Racine Crime Analysis and Trends (RCAT).

“She will be instrumental in helping us to drill down into the data to find trends,” the chief said of Barker. “From burglaries to homicides to shootings, she can help us find commonalties to lead and create an intelligence product for our general investigators, our personal crime investigators, the SI ++(Special Investigations) Unit, and our drug unit.

“That kind of skill is in high demand, and I just want to make sure we can retain her for several years to come.”

In addition to her other skills, Robinson said, Barker is an experienced grant writer.

“That will allow us to apply for grant funds in areas we’d like to implement programs, projects, and equipment that won’t burden the city itself,” he said.

ShotSpotter technology

One of the technologies for which Robinson would like to have a grant is acoustic microphones for gunshot detection, which are known by the name of the company who facilitates the technology: ShotSpotter.

The microphones are mounted in public spaces, such as on a light pole, and can detect the sound of gunshots, alerting the police and cutting down on delays in the response to shootings.

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