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India Walton, left, and Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown.

Byron Brown’s write-in campaign and the Democratic Party’s lack of support and protection for India Walton reflect a dangerous and growing trend within our nation: the subversion of democratic rule. Alarmingly, they have disguised those actions, including Brown’s behavior before and after the primary, as political strategies.

Brown didn’t see Walton as a viable candidate. It started with his early refusal to debate her. He was so confident that he would win that he didn’t even bother to send out campaign material. His supporters must have felt the same way because very few “Elect Mayor Byron Brown” signs graced their lawns. Had Brown or his staff scoped the city they would have noticed numerous “Vote India Walton For Mayor” signs. Those signs dotted lawns all throughout Buffalo’s nine districts.

The Democratic Party’s and Brown’s subsequent actions indicate that the primary election had no meaning to them. Brown’s refusal to accept defeat, along with Walton having to wait over two months for a formal endorsement, de-legitimized basic tenets of our democratic processes.

Why have a primary election if the results will be rebuffed? There’s no precedent for rejecting an election result that was not compromised. And, such a refusal can be interpreted as unconstitutional. This is why 47 states have enacted Sore Loser Laws that prohibit candidates who sought, but failed, to secure a party’s nomination from running in the general election.

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