A tradie left without finishing the job and then sent a filthy text to say why

A tradie left a woman’s house without finishing the job and then sent a filthy text to say why.

When looking for tradies to do some work around the home – it’s always good if you can go through word of mouth to ensure you don’t get some crap or dodgy person.

This is exactly what Amy Wilks did when she hired a builder to replaster her kitchen, after getting a recommendation from a friend.

The man, who Amy described as being “old enough to be her dad”, worked on the project for three days, before suddenly disappearing in the middle of the day.

The area he was working on had been tidied up, which made Amy wonder if he was returning to finish the job, so she messaged him to check what was going on.

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Amy hired a builder to replaster her kitchen but he turned out to be an old creep. Source: Facebook

Builder leaves job and sends woman X-rated text messages

The British woman was so horrified about the reply that she shared what happened on Facebook.

“So I hired a plasterer through recommendations… 3rd day in after 3 hours he just disappeared no text no I’m off nothing. I messaged him this morning to end up with this reply.”

The text message exchange went as follows:

“Morning just wondering if everything ok as I’ve not heard from you? Do you know when you will be coming back?” Amy asked.

The builder bluntly replied with: “No I’m not coming back. If I do, I’m going to want to take you to bed, (then he went on to describe very graphic and X-rated scenarios)… make love to you.”

But the shameless old man did not stop there…

“So that’s why I’m not coming back cos, I want to do naughty things to you,” he matter-of-factly states.

“Now if ya up for that then, I’ll come back up. Don’t worry about the money, not bothered about that.”

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The X-rated text messages that Amy received from her builder who was “old enough to be her dad”. Source: Facebook

“Silver lining – I got half my kitchen done”

Naturally, this left Amy utterly gobsmacked and too horrified to dignify it with any kind of response.

“I was in that much shock I didn’t respond. Any suggestions ladies?” she asked in her post.

At least she was able to see the positive side to the disgusting messages from the filthy man.

“Silver lining I got half my kitchen done,” she quipped, before stating “also, I only made him a cup of tea a few times in my fluffy PJs.”

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Thousands commented on Amy’s post about the creepy text she received from her builder. Source: Facebook

“Wtf! Bit of a creep – needs reporting!”

Thousands of people commented on the post, with one revolted person suggesting the cops needed to be informed of the incident: “Wtf! Bit of a creep – needs reporting.”

One person was impressed with his direct approach: “At least he was honest.”

While one cheeky person confessed that she would go there if it mean a freebie.

“But I def would to get a kitchen for free.”

While another sarcastically commented on his strong work ethic: “Wow he sounds proper professional and dedicated to his line of work.”

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