Freshour: Jordan not doing his job

LIMA — Jim Jordan and Donald Trump? Or Shannon Freshour and Joe Biden?

Ohio’s 4th Congressional District race is as much a referendum on the president’s past performance as any due to Rep. Jordan’s close relationship to President Donald Trump, and Freshour is pitching herself as an alternative to the “circus” she says surrounds the pair.

Whether that’s enough to flip the district is another story. Ohio’s 4th Congressional District has been solidly Republican for decades, and Jordan has maintained a strong results in past elections, often winning by 30-point leads.

Freshour said she’s heard from some 4th District residents that think it’s time for a change.

“People are very very tired of the circus,” Freshour said.

Freshour visited The Lima News Thursday to review her policy initiatives and campaign promises, and while she acknowledged the uphill battle the race presents for any Democratic challenger against Jordan, she said some voters are looking for an alternative to Jordan’s legislative style.

“The job of a representative has two main parts. And the first one is to be a representative of the people and to be an advocate for them. And the second one is, obviously, to legislate, to create laws that will help their lives be better and safer,” Freshour said.

She contends that Jordan currently does neither.

Freshour said the first thing that she would do if she won would be to establish a larger constituent services program to help people better solve some of the day-to-day problems they may run into when dealing with federal services, such as the Veterans Affairs, or Social Security.

“I want to re-establish and make that a robust part of the first part of taking over the role and the job position,” she said.

As for some of her policy initiatives, much of her economic policy ideas reflect Joe Biden’s economic plans, which call for increasing taxes on the wealthy and corporations to pay for an expansion of federal economic funding and create a public healthcare option.

“We need people that when they lose their jobs, they should be able to have health insurance for whatever they need. I don’t necessarily support Medicare for all as a plan. I haven’t in part because it’s more of a slogan than an actual policy,” Freshour said.

If elected, she said she would also support the Democrat-backed bill known as the HEROES Act, which would fund $3 trillion worth of initiatives to help the country more effectively deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

Freshour also clarified her positions on what she would do on some potential legislative initiatives. She said that she doesn’t support expanding the Supreme Court or getting rid of the filibuster if those options are presented after the election.

“It is really, really important that the person in that job is working for the people who pay him or her to be that job. I understand this district because my family’s been here for 30 years. I understand what it’s like to be working class and to be middle class and to be poor. Because I’ve been there,” Freshour said. “You can’t spend your life in this office fighting partisan fights because it gets you on TV.”

Both Freshour and Libertarian candidate Steve Perkins are challenging Jordan for his seat this November. Expanded information on all the candidates, including Jordan, will be available in the Oct. 11 edition of The Lima News.

Shannon Freshour, the Democratic candidate for the 4th District House seat, speaks with The Lima News’ editorial board on Thursday.

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