Martinsville-region COVID-19/coronavirus daily update from state, nation and world: Sept. 21 | Local News

The summary of today’s new data

Evidence of younger people dying from COVID-19 has reached the West Piedmont Health District, with 2 residents in their 40s among the 7 who have been recorded as having died since last Thursday. A resident of Martinsville was the most recent from the city Henry, Patrick and Franklin counties. That death, recorded by the Virginia Department of Healthy by 5 p.m. Monday, was the seven since Thursday. We don’t know when a death might have occurred. VDH goes through an extensive process of verification before adding to its database, which can take weeks and maybe months to complete. We only know that this was the 85th resident of Martinsville — all data are tracked by residence — and the 360th in the district. Because VDH no longer breaks down data on weekends, it’s difficult to say which aged person was record on which day. We do know that there were 2 between the ages of 40 and 49 — now a dozen from that bracket — 2 were 60-69, 2 were 70-79 and one was at least 80. We know 5 of them were men, 2 women, and 5 were white and 1 was Black. Another’s race was not recorded. There were 40 new cases reported in the health district, but no new hospitalizations. Franklin County had 24 of those cases, and Henry County added 10. Martinsville had 4 and Patrick County 2. The 7-day average ticked up slightly, to 55, or 40.2 per 100,000 population. As of Tuesday, the district reported 2,256 cases involving children ages birth through 19. The 10-19 group was 1,734 of those. The number hospitalized remained at 14, with 8 of them 10-19. Data by age is not reported by locality. Statewide there were 3,335 new cases reported Tuesday, and the 7-day average is now 3,534, or 41.5 per 100K. The state’s 52 deaths equaled Sept. 15 as the most in a single day since mid-March.

  • COVID has killed about as many Americans as the 1918-19 flu
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839,475 cases, 12,364 deaths — up by 52 from Monday — 35,839 hospitalizations up by 119 from Monday

  • HENRY COUNTY: 5,721 cases, 408 hospitalizations, 136 deaths
  • MARTINSVILLE: 1,868 cases, 182 hospitalizations, 85 deaths
  • PATRICK COUNTY: 1,806 cases, 129 hospitalizations, 49 deaths
  • FRANKLIN COUNTY: 5,292 cases, 228 hospitalizations, 90 deaths
  • WEST PIEDMONT HEALTH DISTRICT: 14,687 cases, 947 hospitalizations, 360 deaths

Danville reported 5,666 cases (164 deaths), and Pittsylvania County has had 7,135 (99 deaths).

  • Worldwide cases: 229,170,561
  • Worldwide deaths: 4,702,286
  • U.S. cases: 42,291,718
  • U.S. deaths: 676,268


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