Start of the period 2021-2022 with a multi-collection program

The “Jenny Karezi” Theater announces for the beginning of the new artistic season a multi-collection program of producers, hoping to entertain the audience through different types and styles of performances.

At the beginning of a new era, with unprecedented data and unexpected developments, art must play a catalytic role in our lives. It has to bring us to light, to show us the way, to beautify everyday life and to calm our thoughts. As he did and will always do, after all!

The “Jenny Karezi” Theater announces for the beginning of the new artistic season a multi-collection program of producers, hoping to entertain the audience through different types and styles of performances. Laughter, emotion and reflection will alternate this year on stage as well as in life. We do not keep silent but we create, express ourselves and move on!

Wanting to welcome the public, “Jenny Karezi” Theater announces special offer pre-sale of tickets for his performances.

Beginning of the Artistic Period 2021-2022 – Program


“How to be silent ..” An original musical-theatrical performance narrated by Costas Kazakos

With: Christos Thivaios, Adriana Babali, Violeta Ikari, Costa Triantaphyllidis
Texts, direction: Jenny Collia
Orchestration: Giannis Papazachariakis
Narrator o Kostas Kazakos

Every Sunday at 19.00 and every Monday at 21.00 from October 17 to January 3

Ticket prices:
Normal: € 20
Reduced: € 15

A show that through timeless songs played by a live orchestra on stage, coming from different times and places, narrates the passions of the peoples in their struggle for a better tomorrow.

Songs of the tradition and songs of our great composers, such as Markopoulos, Loizos, Theodorakis, Moutsis, Tsitsanis, Markos Vamvakaris, performed by four great singers, Christos Thivaios, Adriana Babalis, Valios Talios , under the musical direction of Giannis Papazachariakis.

Musicians play:

Piano: Thanasis Vichos
Bouzouki: Makis Pelekas
Bass: Mimis Doutsoulis
Violin: Andreas Trapalis
Accordion: Dinos Hatziiordanou
Guitar: Giannis Papazachariakis

Stage Space: Royal Wire
Lighting: Stevi Koutsothanasis
Photos: Konstantinos Bezanis
Sound recording: Thodoris Michalos

“Negro and Dog Race” by Bernard Marie Coltes

Translation: Sylvia Kiousi
Directed by: Alexandros Sotiriou
Sets: Gina Iliopoulou
Costumes: Lina Stavropoulou
Lighting: Nikos Sotiropoulos
Music-Audio environment: Nikolas Halaris
Assistant director: Natasa Petropoulou 

Starring: Dimitris Rafailos, Samuel Akinola, Eftychia Giakoumi, Markos Papadokonstantakis

Every Friday and Saturday at 21.00 from October 15 to December 18

Ticket prices:
Normal: € 18
Reduced: € 15 and 12

One of the most special and interesting works of Bernard Marie Coltes chose to present the Jenny Karezi Theater, directed by Alexandros Sotiriou. This is the work “Race of Negroes and Dogs” which, written in 1979, is a very lively and timely text that skillfully addresses the fears, illusions, hopes and greed of man, passions capable of putting him out of bounds, morality but also out of happiness.

A few words about the project

In a West African country, Albury, a black man, invades an enclosed and well-guarded French construction site to retrieve the dead body of his brother, who was killed in a work accident.

There he meets three whites who live inside the construction site, Orne, the site manager, Cal, a young French engineer, and Leoni, a woman in fragile health, whom Orne brought with him from Paris to marry her.

The two white men, under various pretexts, refuse to hand over the body to his brother. Albury then tells them that he is not going to leave their place until they give him the body to bury. Albury’s stance will lead to a confrontation with Orn and Cal at the extremes and will bring to the surface the cover-up of the murder, Albury’s brother Nuofia, as well as a corruption scandal, to the detriment of the villagers near the construction site. , which the French construction company wants to keep well hidden.

In his fight for justice, Albury will find an unexpected ally, Leoni. The events of the play take place overnight, from dusk to dawn the next day.


“MIC DROP Comedy Club” This Autumn Athens welcomes the MIC DROP Comedy Club at the “Jenny Karezi” Theater!

Every Wednesday at 21.00 from October 6 to December 29

Ticket prices:
Normal: € 14
Reduced: € 12

A new comedy club appears in the center of Athens, under the roof of the “Jenny Karezi” Theater. More than 30 comedians are at the core of the MIC DROP Comedy Club, including the biggest names in the Greek-speaking stand-up scene, and newer promising comedians.

Every week from October 6, different stand up comedians will take the stage, giving the public the opportunity to enjoy with one ticket many comedians in 2 hours of comedy, while in each show there will be ten free seats for the disabled and unemployed.

In the comedy club will appear (in alphabetical order):

Stelios Anatolitis, Alex Kensin Apostolopoulos, Christina Voulgari, Katerina Vrana, Dimitris Dimopoulos, Dimitris Doukoglou, Thomas Zampras, George Karamanlis, Chryssa Katsarini, Ira Katsouda, Vassaras, Panagoumalis Charis Ntarzanos, Ulysses Denise uremia, Peace Xygkaki, Alexander Paspardanis Andreas Paspatis, Aristotle King, Paris rupees, Yiannis Roussos, Thanasis Samaras Angel Spiliotopoulos, Alexander Titkov Spilios Oriole, Elias Fountoulis, Alexander Harizanis, Demetrios Christodoulou Dimitris Christoforidis, Apollon Roach Or many more!


Christoforos Zaralikos: “1821-2021, Two Hundred Years of Loans” Text: Pitsirikos – Christoforos Zaralikos

Text: Pitsirikos – Christoforos Zaralikos
Sound recording – video – screenings: Aris Prodromos

Every Thursday at 21.00 from October 14 to December 30

Ticket prices:
Normal: € 14
Reduced: € 12

The “standing comedian” Christoforos Zaralikos meets for the second time the “caustic” pen of Pitsirikos and they present us at the “Jenny Karezi” Theater from Thursday, October 14 and every Thursday the new Stand Up Comedy show “200 Years on Loan”

Pitsirikos and Christoforos Zaralikos could not but give a patriotic presence in the celebrations for the two hundred years since the founding of the Greek state and decided to write the play entitled “1821-2021, Two Hundred Years on Loan”.

By setting the bar high, they aspire to offer more laughter than official state events, almost impossible according to expert celebrities. In the unpredictable and provocative Stand Up Comedy show there will be – as always – social and political satire, guaranteed fun, crazy mood and subversive humor without also missing the self-sarcasm and appropriate comments for everyone and everything!

Participating in the show: members of the Committee “Greece 2021”


Autumn Jazz Festival

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 30/9 – 3/10 and 7/10 – 10/10, at 21.00

The “Jenny Karezi” theater presents the “Autumn Jazz Fest” a festival with music from America, Africa and Greece, lasting two weeks, starting on Thursday, September 30.

The festival hosts artists from the Greek jazz scene and beyond. Top names like Takis Paterelis, The Giorgos Kontrafouris and many representatives of the younger generation, such as “Soul peanuts” and Jeepers Creepers will present the various expressions of jazz music. Also, artists like Idra Kayne, The MC Yinka And o Jerome Kaluta with influences from funk, soul, hip hop and reggae will highlight the Greek-African American element in the renewed atmosphere of the “Jenny Karezi” theater.


“Jenny Karezi” Theater
Akadimias 3 (metro station – Syntagma)

Information: 2103636144 – 2103625520

Wheelchair access to the theater is possible

Pre-sale of tickets:

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