Hometown legend vs. state rep. who beat Stamford’s mayor. Valentine, Simmons: not your average race.

STAMFORD — The city has never seen a mayoral race quite like this.

The winner of the Democratic primary, state Rep. Caroline Simmons, is looking to become the first woman to serve as Stamford’s mayor. The general election has come down to the 35-year-old Simmons and 71-year-old Bobby Valentine, a former Major League Baseball manager, Stamford icon and first-time political candidate who is running unaffiliated.

The GOP’s candidate, former police detective Joe Corsello, dropped out of the race after a brief campaign and endorsed Valentine, who was previously a registered Republican. The date of the Stamford mayoral election is Nov. 2.

Simmons has been a member of the state House of Representatives since 2015, representing several neighborhoods in the middle of the city. She said she is running on a track record of helping to get state funding for Stamford and working to pass bipartisan legislation.

“I think this is a critically important mayor’s race. The future of our city is at stake,” Simmons said. “So many people are struggling right now and as we come out of this pandemic, we have an opportune moment to capture federal and state funding to support people and help take our city to the next level, and there’s already a clear contrast between our campaigns and our values. Our campaign is focused on the people and helping people who are struggling and being a voice for all people.”

Valentine said he thinks the election will boil down to which candidate voters believe will deliver change — something Martin acknowledged that people seem to be seeking.

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