America may be racing to darkness, but God gets final say

America is in peril. You know it, I know it, we all either see these perilous times for what they are. or we instinctively feel them — we instinctively feel that something is wrong, but can’t quite put a finger on it, can’t quite put a name to it. Well, these times — they’re only going to grow more perilous.

But remember: No matter the political will, no matter the cultural decay, it’s God and God’s people who have the final say on the fate of America.

It’s important to recognize that so as to stand strong and stay courageous in the face of the coming adversities. There is hope for America; there is always hope. America is a spirit, not a plot of land, and as such, cannot be simply bulldozed into a heap of socialist trash.

That doesn’t mean the leftists who’ve invaded the country won’t keep attacking the spirit, though.

President Biden is a liar. On that, we can all agree. On that, in fact, we pretty much do all agree.

In September, only 41% of Americans said they believed Biden was honest; 46% said nope, he wasn’t, and another nearly 13% said they weren’t sure — which is a wishy-washy way of saying he’s not. That’s sizable. And that comes after Biden’s own generals went to Capitol Hill to testify that he lied by saying “no one” warned him about the disaster that would result with a total drawdown of all U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

“The intelligence community did not say, back in June or July, that in fact this was going to collapse like it did,” Biden told George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America” in mid-August. “Not even close.”


Fast-forward to this week.

Fast-forward to this week’s congressional hearings.

“Generals contradict Biden, say they advised leaving troops in Afghanistan,” The Hill wrote in a headline.

“Top generals contradict Biden, say they urged him not to withdraw from Afghanistan,” Politico wrote in a headline.

“Contradicting Biden, top generals say they recommended a small force stay in Afghanistan,” NBC News wrote in a headline.

Maybe all the generals are lying? Seems implausible.

Biden, after all, is the one with the memory gaffes, i.e. gaps in truth.

“Biden says ‘no one’s being killed’ in Afghanistan, can’t ‘recall’ advisers telling him to delay withdrawal,” as Fox News wrote in mid-August.

So point number one on America’s dark times: The nation’s got a president who lies, a president who cares more for covering his political you-know-what than honoring commitments to others — including to other nations. The nation’s got a president who, at best, is befuddled; at worst, so mentally incapacitated as to be rolled by Chinese interests, by nefarious socialist-communist influencers and by the biddings of the bureaucrats and elites in global governments — which is to say, socialist and communist influencers.

The more that’s revealed about this White House’s inner workers, the more it seems evident it’s the worst-case scenario that’s being played. And that leaves this question: Where will America be by the time Biden’s term is ended?

We’ve still got three-plus years to go, remember. 

Americans who would normally pin their hopes on midterm elections, with optimism to boot the Democrats from House and Senate power, are now, rightfully, concerned about election integrity. Americans who would normally pin their hopes on the private sector, with intent to simply go about the day’s work and let politics be politics, politicians be politicians, are finding themselves increasingly under attack to either take a vaccine they don’t want or face the unemployment line. Americans who would normally pin their hopes on the future — specifically, on the children of the future and the future generation of leaders and problem-solvers and political fixers — are finding these youth have become mouthpieces for the far-left, marchers in an army of socialist-led sheep. Americans who would normally pin their hopes on reason and logic and the ultimate ability of cooler heads to prevail and bring about sound solutions that benefit the many are finding the Democratic Party has become a tool of the far-left, unable and unwilling to put good-of-country above good-for-self. They’ve turned patriotism into a liability; they’ve turned love of America into a message of racism.

Americans who would normally pin their hopes on the church and faith are finding their church doors closed, their pastors cowering in fear, their governments calling for clampdowns on congregations due to overhyped coronavirus concerns. And that’s the final wall to America’s crumbling.

Religious liberty is the heart of America’s freedoms.

If government can stop churches from opening, then religious liberty doesn’t exist. If government can stop church-goers from singing, then religious liberty doesn’t exist. If government can stop pastors from preaching, then religious liberty doesn’t exist.

Allowing that government can control the right of the people to worship as they see fit, as they deem proper, is the fast-track path to loss of all liberties, not just religious liberties. Yet this is where America now stands.

The political system is filled with liars, deceivers and anti-American types — the culture is rot, filled with immoral behaviors and worse, loud-mouth defenders of immoral behaviors. The faith community tipped its collective hand as weak; as willing to compromise; as agreeable to bending to government will.

Where does that leave the spirit of America’s liberty?

Down. Downtrodden. Down and downtrodden — but happily, not out. Not completely, anyway. And this is the ray of sunlight among the swatch of darkness that’s come to the country: America’s hope comes from above.

America is not done until God says so. No matter how the anti-American forces rail, no matter how the un-American sources wail — America will stand until God says otherwise.

For godly people, for those of faith, for those who won’t let fear take captive their faith, that means the fight is still worthwhile — the fight to save America and American freedoms is still quite consequential. Moreover, those of faith know how it all ultimately ends. Pity the secular and atheist Democrats, the socialists, the communists, the collectivists, the global elites who get in the way. 

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