The Lincoln Project attacks Elise Stefanik in new ad

The ad, which has nearly 300,000 views on Youtube and has been reposted thousands more times on Twitter, charts a narrative of Stefanik’s career, saying she was “supposed to be different” early in her career. “Did she need Trump’s approval that bad? Did she want to be one of the gang?” the ad says, flashing a photo lineup of some of Donald J. Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters in Congress, with Stefanik among them.

When Stefanik was elected, she was the youngest woman ever elected to Congress. She worked in the administration of President George W. Bush, cultivated a reputation for bipartisanship and has started a political action committee dedicated to electing more Republican women to Congress.

But throughout Trump’s tenure in office, particularly, during the investigation leading up to Trump’s 2019 impeachment in the House, Stefanik allied herself more closely with the president. She has tied herself closely to him, acting as Trump’s campaign chair for the state of New York, supporting his efforts to overturn the election and opposing the new impeachment against him.

“What a waste,” the ad concludes.

Alex Degrasse, Stefanik’s senior advisor, emailed a statement to the Times Union on Sunday responding to the Lincoln Project ad.

“Democrats, Never Trumpers, and scam PAC organizations like The Lincoln Project spent nearly 7 million dollars trying to beat Congresswoman Stefanik. And North Country voters stunningly rebuked these desperate Never Trump organizations by re-electing Elise with the highest number of votes of any Congressional candidate in the history of the North Country,” Degrasse said.

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