The Trailer: In New Jersey, a Democratic governor runs against the ‘Trump Team’

Like most Democrats in blue or purple states this year, Murphy has simplified the case against Ciattarelli by linking him to Trump. Like every Republican faced with that, Ciattarelli has called it a distraction. In his first debate with Murphy — which, according to the Ciattarelli campaign, led to their strongest 48 hours of fundraising — the Republican mocked the governor for invoking the former president after he’d only done so twice, saying anyone drinking a shot when Murphy mentioned Trump would be “bombed” by the end of the night. While Murphy promised to sign a Reproductive Freedom Act, which would codify Roe v. Wade protections in case a Supreme Court ruling rolled them back, Ciattarelli called it a proposal to “allow abortion in months seven, eight and nine,” portraying the governor as the radical and himself as the moderate.

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