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I know that lake levels are low right now because of drought, but climate change is raising sea level. That process is already happening. We should be doing everything we can to stop it.

And while Congressperson Mike Thompson talks a good game, what is he actually doing about it? It’s true that he co-sponsored the Green New Deal, but that’s the extent of it. Has he put forward legislation to reduce carbon emissions? No. He’s offered some tax incentives, which is way too weak for such an important issue.

He continues to support expanding the military, as evidenced in the most recent NDAA vote, despite the U.S. military being the #1 polluter in the world, according to a Brown University study.

He also voted for US fracking projects in Europe in 2019.

And he continues to endorse deforestation of the Napa Valley with his silence. The struggle to protect the watershed in Napa County is well known, and yet he hasn’t weighed in on it, even though Mike is himself a constituent here. He could have quite an impact, but he chooses not to. Has chosen not to, every day for years.

Why not? It is not forbidden for a member of Congress to take positions on local issues. Take AOC’s position on Amazon opening a warehouse in New York City, for example. Mike always says himself that we have to do everything we can to stop climate change because it sounds good.

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