Instacart Raids Another Tech Giant for Ad Talent: Amazon — The Information

Much has been written about the “Facebookification” of Instacart, after the grocery-delivery firm recruited a string of top executives, including CEO Fidji Simo, from the social media giant. But another Instacart talent raid has been largely overlooked—one it conducted on Amazon, including the retailer’s advertising sales team.

As many as 28 ad sales executives have joined Instacart from Amazon since late 2019, according to an analysis of LinkedIn profiles by The Information. Those executives represent a third of the 84 former Amazonians whose LinkedIn profiles say they joined Instacart during that time period. Instacart has also hired 43 senior software engineers and developers from Amazon, along with 12 others who now work in legal, finance and a variety of other roles, according to LinkedIn data.

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