PAC hopes to combat Florida Democrats lackluster voter registration

Democrats have won some close elections in Sarasota County in recent years.

Former state Rep. Margaret Good, D-Sarasota, won her 2018 race by 1,215 votes out of 82,117 cast. Sarasota County School Board Chair Shirley Brown won in 2018 by just 818 votes out of 91,392 cast.

“A couple hundred, a couple thousand voter registrations actually does matter,” Good said.

Florida Democrats have struggled to keep up with Republicans when it comes to voter registration, though.

In 2008, there were 658,000 more Democrats in Florida than Republicans, but that advantage shrank to just 23,055 by August.

And even when Democrats turn their focus to voter registration, they often overlook places that lean Republican, such as Southwest Florida, in favor of big urban areas.

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