Democratic maneuvers ahead of the midterm elections

The midterm elections are getting closer and political analysts are beginning to study the possible moves of the parties and the strategies they will use to reach victory. 


Since the beginning of the year, Democrats have enacted new laws in 19 states that could disenfranchise minority voters, making it more difficult for them to vote. Once-solid red states, won by President Biden, are leading the way.


In Arizona, a new statute threatens election officials with felony prosecution if ballots are sent to voters who have not requested them, while in Georgia it is a misdemeanor to distribute food and water to those waiting in line. Georgia law also prohibits the unsolicited mailing of absentee ballot applications and requires voters to present identification in order to have their applications approved. 


In other states such as Pennsylvania, Florida and Texas, Republicans want “audits” of 2020 ballots as they demand voter information such as driver’s license, partial Social Security numbers, changes in voter registration and information on whether votes were cast by mail or in person. Pennsylvania’s Democratic Governor Tom Wolf called the poly “a sham”.


The presence of ineligible voters on the rolls is a problem that limits the verification of people’s data, as it is more difficult to detect fraudulent vote-by-mail voting due to the lack of oversight and custody of ballots. 


The vote-by-mail strategy is being exploited by the Democrats for the upcoming midterm elections.

Strategies with Latino Democratic candidates 

Congressman Ruben Gallego, a Democrat who chairs the CHC BOLD PAC, told Axios that he believes that fielding more Hispanic Democratic candidates could increase Latino voter turnout and the prospects for a midterm blue wall that maintains Democratic control of the House of Representatives.


However, knowing that only a few votes ultimately decide who will make it to the House, Democrats are anxious after Republicans picked up several Hispanic votes in the 2020 elections. 


“In a lot of swing districts, we’re seeing somewhere in the 20% Latino, sometimes up to 50% or even more Latino (voters), who can change the outcome”, Gallego said.

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