Hunter Biden Shows How To Become A Leading Artist In America

U.S. President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is one of
America’s top artists. That means he has become able to
sell his paintings to the largest number of America’s
richest people at the highest prices: his artistic patrons
are millionaires, centi-millionaires, and billionaires, who
know that the Biden Family operation
splits its money among all of its members, including
, U.S. President Joe Biden, who could benefit when
such a buyer pays money to Hunter for a painting. They
operate as a family business (or, actually, businesses), and
everybody (including “the
‘Big Guy’,”
and including “H” or Hunter, and
also James
Biden, Joe’s brother
) gets a cut in it. This fact was
reported by the Wall Street Journal, on 23 October
2020, whose sources were the
corporation’s CEO (Bobulinski), who owned half, and
“corporate documents reviewed by the Journal.”

However, the American “true”/“false” news-rating
firm PolitiFact dismissed that report, by alleging “there
is no smoking gun” because “Credible
news organizations have found no evidence to corroborate
Bobulinski’s claims about a role in the proposed venture
for Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s financial documents show no
indication of any income related to the venture.”

PolitiFact implicitly didn’t consider the WSJ a
“credible news organization.” (They didn’t explain
why.) However, the WSJ had not made any claim that
Joe Biden — or anyone else — had profited, at all, from
this particular corporation, SinoHawk
, which was only one of a number of such
ventures (such as Rosemont
, which was involved with Ukraine’s Burisma
) in which enterprise Hunter Biden partnered
with his father, and father’s brother Jim, as well as with
Biden friends. There was no
follow-up by the press
on the matter of Hunter Biden’s
apparent influence-peddling (such as about Britain’s
Daily Mail having reported, on 17 December 2020, that
revealed an email sent from Hunter Biden to Ye in June of
2017 in which he sends Ye his ‘best wishes from the entire
Biden family’”
— including, of course, the U.S.
President). But federal authorities have
copied the contents of at least one of Hunter Biden’s
laptops, and know all the email and documents that were on
, and yet the press (other than Britain’s Daily
shunned any evidence, anywhere, that might go
beyond what Bobulinski and “corporate documents” had
disclosed to the WSJ. All liberal ‘news’-media
(and most conservative ones) shunned any such
investigations. (There are no mainstream progressive
U.S. news-media; and, therefore, liberal and conservative
ones are pretty much the entire media-spectrum in the
U.S./UK empire.)

Other such similar matters have
likewise been ignored by most of the billionaires-controlled
U.S. and UK press; but a few conservative,
pro-Republican-Party, billionaires have had their media look
further into Hunter Biden’s influence-peddling. And, now,
influence-peddling is being carried out in — and
corrupting — the high-end contemporary art market, as will
soon be described here.

Influence-peddling has been
prominent among aristocracies for thousands of years.
There’s nothing unusual about the Bidens regarding this.
But, before describing the way it’s being carried out now
in the high-end art market, a few more examples about the
Bidens’ doing it in the fields of finance will show more
of the basic pattern that’s now being applied in

To start with, as published by the Republican
billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s newspaper N.Y. Post
15 October 2020 under the headline “Emails reveal how Hunter
Biden tried to cash in big on behalf of family with Chinese
, a 2 August 2017 email on Hunter Biden’s
, emailed from him to “Gongwen Dong
and copied to “Mervyn Yan Yan

My Understanding is that the original
agreement with the Director was for consulting fees based on
introductions alone a rate of $10M per year for a three year
guarantee total of $30M. The chairman changed that deal
ARRANGEMENT to create a holding company 50% owned by ME and
50% by him. Consulting fees is one piece of our income
stream but the reason this proposal by the chairman was so
much more interesting to me and my family is that we would
also be partners in the equity and profits of the JV [Joint
Venture]’s investments. Hence I assumed the reason for our
discussion today in which you made clear that the Chairman
would first get his investment capital returned in the
profits would be split 50/50. If you [are] saying this is
not the case then please return us to the original deal $10M
per year a guaranteed 3 years plus bonus payments for any
successful deal we introduce. let’s discuss thank

That is clearly

Then, as published in the UK
Conservative Party’s billionaire Jonathan Harmsworth, 4th
Viscount Rothermere
’s newspaper Daily Mail, on
10 December 2020, under the headline “Revealed: Hunter Biden
raked in $6M in just nine months from Chinese business
dealings – and that doesn’t include the 2.8 carat-diamond he
got as a gift”
, it opened with a summary:

Hunter Biden raked in $6m over nine months from his Chinese
business dealings according to a timeline of his affairs
which goes into unprecedented detail

• Joe
Biden’s son was involved with a series of transactions which
were flagged for ‘potential financial criminal activity’, a
Senate report has revealed

• The payments
began days after Hunter sent his infamous email to one
associate in 2017 talking about money for ‘the big guy’ and
deals for ‘me and my family’

• The money
included a $5m payment from a Chinese energy company with
ties to the Communist party

• He also made
$1m for work with an associate who was later jailed for

• The report concludes that Hunter’s
business associates were ‘linked to the Communist government
and the People’s Liberation Army’

• The
Senate report focuses on Hunter’s work for Chinese company
CEFC China Energy to invest in US energy

• CEFC’s founder and former chairman
Ye Jianming gave Hunter a 2.8-carat diamond after a business
meeting in Miami, CNN has reported

Their article

The payments began days after Hunter
sent his infamous email to one associate in 2017 talking
about money for ‘the big guy’ and deals for ‘me and my

The report concludes that Hunter’s
business associates were ‘linked to the Communist government
and the People’s Liberation Army’.

It states:
‘Those associations resulted in millions of dollars in cash

The report prepared by the Senate
Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committee, which
was first reported by
, comes as Hunter revealed that authorities
in Delaware are investigating his tax affairs.

According to Politico,
[in an excellent article covering many different
apparently corrupt business deals that Hunter and his family
have participated in and that the
U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland ought to have launched
investigations into
] federal prosecutors in
Washington and New York are also looking into possible
securities fraud and money laundering by the troubled
50-year-old, who has battled drug and alcohol

The Senate report focuses on
Hunter’s work for Chinese company CEFC China Energy to
invest in US energy projects.

These matters are
highly relevant to Hunter’s high art prices, because
buying a painting from an influence-peddler is one
possible way to

For example: let’s say that
a particular painting by Hunter Biden is worth, to be
generous about it, $5,000, but that a billionaire who wants
some decision from the White House to go in a certain way is
paying $500,000 for it. This would be a $495,000
advance-payment for the decision to go that way; and, if the
President then decides to go a different way on that
decision, then the President might lose $5,000,000 in
from that buyer during the next
campaign-cycle. And, maybe, on the opposite side of the
gamble, if the President’s decision instead goes the way
that the purchaser has been wanting, that buyer will end up
tens-of-millions dollars richer as a result of this $495,000
advance-payment to the President’s son. So: a President,
in retirement, can become a very wealthy person, by having
sold-out the American public, to the highest bidders. This
has become ‘democracy’, in today’s America. It’s
aristocracy instead.

On 8 July 2021, Britain’s
Telegraph, which is owned by the
twin aristocratic brothers, the Barclays, bannered “The Art of the Deal: Is a
painting by Hunter Biden really worth $500,000?”
opened “White House ethics experts have expressed alarm at
plans to sell paintings by Hunter Biden for up to half a
million dollars each. The US president’s son has reinvented
himself as an artist after a turbulent struggle with

Then, on 22 September 2021, The
which the neoliberal (libertarian)
neoconservative (imperialist) (or now otherwise called
simply “liberal”) Democratic
billionheiress, Laurene Powell Jobs, owns,
bannered “The Emerging Artistry of
Hunter Biden: His upcoming solo show is a headache for the
White House — and a window into the murky finances of the
international art market”
, and described the seedy
arrangements that Hunter and the White House have made with
the New York City art gallery that will be opening
Hunter’s exhibition this month. Ms. Jobs takes
advice from and highly respects David G. Bradley, the prior
neoconservative owner
of that and several other
prominent American magazines.

Then, on October 5th,
another Laureen-Powell-Jobs-backed
magazine, Mother Jones headlined “Check Out These Exclusive
Pics From Hunter Biden’s Big LA Art Opening”
, and

On Friday night, at a pop-up event in
Hollywood, Hunter Biden shared his artwork with the LA
glitterati. In a big white room at Milk Studios, usually the
site of photo or video shoots, 200 or so people gathered to
experience the art of President Joe Biden’s

As has been previously reported, his
gallerist, George Bergès, is looking to fetch between
$75,000 and $500,000 a piece for Biden’s

Ms. Jobs is also a
strong backer of current V.P. Kamala Harris
, who is even
more intensely neoconservative (pro-imperialist,
pro-military-industrial complex) than is Joe Biden, and
therefore Harris
received backing from even more billionaires during the 2020
Democratic Party Presidential primaries than Joe Biden
. Neoconservative Democratic-Party billionaires
generally want Harris to be the Democratic Party’s
Presidential candidate in 2024. They therefore want Biden
not to run again. Ms. Jobs is now perhaps the top
kingmaker in the Democratic Party, and maybe she wants
Kamala Harris to be the Party’s nominee in

Then, On October 6th, Britain’s Daily
(which had been the only
mainstream news-medium to have published, on 11 August 2021,
lots of photos and other information from Hunter’s own
computers, showing him naked with
prostitutes and using cusswords while conversing with
headlined “EXCLUSIVE:
Hunter Biden is seen hanging out with star-studded potential
buyers of his half-million-dollar art at LA’s Milk Studios
debut show, despite White House claims he will have no idea
who is buying his pieces”
. It opened by

Hunter Biden made his professional debut
on Friday at his first art exhibition in Hollywood,
California, can

His paintings were showcased at Milk
Studios to 200 guests including Sugar Ray Leonard, Moby,
Mayor Eric Garcetti, and the artist behind the Obama ‘hope’

Other notable artist guests were British
performer Millie Brown and LA-born Gary Baseman – famed for
his ABC/Disney animated series Teachers Pet

writer who attended the exhibition told the
crowd appeared ‘conservatively wealthy and would look to be
buying the work’

The event had raised ethics
concerns after the president’s son’s paintings were priced
at $75,000 to half a million dollars

The White
House claims they are avoiding any ethical conflict by
ensuring neither the president nor Hunter will know the
identity of the buyers

The LA exhibition –
hosted by gallerist Georges Bergès – was one of two art
shows Hunter’s work will be featured in this

Rupert Murdoch’s N.Y. Post bannered,
on October 9th, “Art gallery repping
Hunter Biden received $500K federal COVID loan, records
and reported that,

A federal COVID loan
to the art gallery repping Hunter Biden more than doubled
after his father took office, records show.

Georges Berges Gallery initially received a $150,000 COVID
“disaster assistance loan” from the Small Business
Administration last year, according to public

But the loan was recently
“revised,” with the SBA approving a further $350,000 to
the SoHo gallery this summer, records show.

All tolled, $580,000 in taxpayer-funded
COVID relief aid was doled out to a gallery with only two
employees, according to SBA records. …

there is no evidence President Biden helped secure the
additional $350,000 loan, a watchdog group found that of the
more than 100 galleries in New York City’s 10th
congressional district, which includes SoHo, TriBeCa and
Chelsea, the Georges Berges Gallery received “by far”
the largest SBA disaster loan windfall.

It’s so
easy to become rich in America if you’re in business with
‘the right people’.

Joe Biden is, to the
Democratic Party, what Donald Trump was to the Republican
Party — not its billionaires’ #1 choice for the U.S.
Presidency, but an acceptable choice to them. Whereas
Republican billionaires’ #1 choice was Ted Cruz, and they
settled on Donald Trump in order to beat Hillary Clinton,
Democratic billionaires’ #1 choice was Pete Buttigieg, and
they settled on their #5 choice Biden in order to stop
Bernie Sanders’s Presidential campaign. Not
even a single one
of America’s approximately 700
billionaires donated to Sanders, who was the most
progressive of the candidates.

And, of course,
billionaires and centi-millionaires are also the most
sought-after customers for works of art. Hunter Biden knows
the ropes in America’s high-end art market because he’s
one of America’s aristocrats (despite his family’s not
having yet gotten into the billionaire-class, the top class
in the aristocracy). The Biden family is working its way up,
in today’s American ‘democracy’. This is called
“capitalism,” isn’t it? Or, is it, instead, fascism
— a capitalist dictatorship, instead of any longer
being a capitalist democracy? After all, America now spends
approximately half of the
entire world’s military expenditures
, and since 1945
has done more coups and foreign invasions and military
occupations than any other nation in all of the world’s
history has done. And the U.S. also has a
higher percentage of its residents in prisons than does any
other nation on the planet
. How can a nation like that
NOT be a fascist regime — a capitalist imperialistic
regime? (Such regimes used to be called empires, or simply
imperialistic aristocracies.) Has its propaganda been
fooling people?

In a country like this, the
billionaires control both of the major Parties; and, whereas
most Democrats view Republican politicians as being corrupt,
and most Republicans view Democratic politicians as being
corrupt, the truth is, instead, that the likelihood of a
successful politician of either Party being not
corrupt is about as probable as would be to find snow in
hell. This isn’t really about the Biden clan (nor about
the Trump clan); it is, instead, about today’s America:
it’s simply the way that an imperialist capitalistic
regime works. When has an empire NOT been corrupt? Never. It
can’t function without being


Investigative historian
Eric Zuesse is the author of They’re
Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic
Records, 1910-2010
, and of CHRIST’S
VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created

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