Is Julia Roberts’ New Political Drama Based on a True Story?

Richard Nixon’s presidency has provided plenty of material for Hollywood since it occurred in the 1970s. From All the President’s Men to Forrest Gump, the often-demonized former President’s time in the Oval Office has been touched on time and time again. Now, Starz’s new series Gaslit offers up a different point of view of the events. This time the story’s told by other people involved with Nixon during the Watergate scandal.

Sean Penn and Julia Roberts as John and Martha Mitchell | Starz

‘Gaslit’ focuses on Martha Mitchell, wife of Nixon’s Attorney General

Based on a true story, the Starz series Gaslit features Julia Roberts in the role of Arkansian socialite Martha Mitchell. Mitchell became well known for her outspoken demeanor. Known as the “Mouth of the South,” Mitchell made gossip a sport. Plus, she often used subtle tricks to release information to journalists about prominent political figures. 

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