11 Funny Movies Like We’re The Millers You Need To See

Josh Gordon and Will Speck’s “The Switch” is one of those predictable yet pleasing rom-coms that Hollywood will never stop making. Based on Jeffrey Eugenides’ short story “Baster,” “The Switch” has a good (albeit far-fetched) premise, but that seems to be the case for most American romantic comedies anyway.

Kassie (Jennifer Aniston) and Wally (Jason Bateman) are best friends living in New York. Although they once dated, things didn’t work out because Wally is terrified of taking risks in life. He’s a neurotic pessimist, who just can’t stop worrying about the future. Kassie, though, is the opposite of Wally — she’s full of life and isn’t afraid of anything. She’s constantly searching for something new and meaningful. 

Kassie wants to start a family but hasn’t yet found the right man to do that with, so she decides to become a single mom. She chooses a sperm donor and throws a party for the occasion … and to collect the sample. At the party, Wally gets too drunk, accidentally spills the donor’s “ingredient” into the sink, and decides to replace it with his own. In the fog of his hangover the next day, Wally forgets any of this happened. Eventually, Kassie gets pregnant and moves away from the city. Seven years later, she returns with her 6-year-old son and reconnects with Wally. It doesn’t take long before he realizes that her son Sebastian (Thomas Robinson) is his child. But it does take a while for him to build up the courage to confess the truth to Kassie.

While the premise is a bit unexpected, “The Switch” doesn’t really offer anything fresh in the genre. But thanks to its two lead performances — and a vintage Jeff Goldblum in a supporting role — it does deliver some big laughs and will be sure to entertain any fan of “We’re the Millers” or Jennifer Aniston.

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