Political maturity

Pakistan’s political parties should understand that the country is under a huge debt trap. The country is forced to reach out to international financial institutions for loans to pay back its previous debts. Financial stability is imperative for a state’s progress. Without a strong economy, a country cannot manage its external affairs. These days, politics in Pakistan has become another source of entertainment. Social media has become a battleground where even political representatives are involved in a war of words. Party supporters share memes and come up with offensive commentaries to insult their opponent political leaders.

All political leaders must acknowledge that leadership is such a critical role where many people get inspired and follow in their footsteps. They should act sensibly. At this time when the country is facing a severe financial crisis, every political party must focus on working for the betterment of the country instead of accusing one another for the country’s miseries.

Neha Ali Dharejo


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