Man Comes to Office 7.5 hours Late Because he Slept in and Twitter Understands

Being late to work is no big deal, we all have been there. Reporting a few minutes late due to traffic congestion, delayed train or that unexpected rain is common, and understandable. But have you ever been late to work by 7.5 hours? Wait. what? If you think that’s bizarre, wait till you hear the reason for this delay that’s almost the entire day of work. Twitter user @Deanooo shared this bizarre incident where his colleague turned up 7.5 hours late because he had ‘slept’.

He tweeted, “Young laddie I work with has just turned up to the work SEVEN AND A HALF HOURS LATE and said ‘sorry, I slept in’ haha.”

Since being posted, the tweet has gone viral, garnering over 16,000 likes and hundreds of reactions from netizens. While some users could not stop laughing over the bizarre excuse, others shared their wild stories of being late to work.

While this person actually turned up at work, though late, another user recalled how he could not go to the office at all because he just slept in the office van. And all he did was take a spin around the city while sleeping comfortably.

A second user shared the story of his ex-colleagues who reported 2 hours late to work in his wolf suit from the previous night’s fancy dress party. “The guy in charge held his hands out and said WTF and the guy just replied WHAT?” the user added while sharing the reaction of the boss.

And not just the previous night’s party, low-volume alarm clocks also feature in excuses for being late to work.

But at least that attempts to be a believable excuse!

Another user said being late was at least better than not turning up at work at all. And we think they have got a point.

What’s your lame excuse for being late to work?

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