Comedian Michael Fry shares ‘party political broadcast’ skit on Northern Ireland elections

Online comedian and actor Matthew Dinneen, who has taken social media by storm with his alter-ego ‘Michael Fry’, has shared a hilarious skit of his take on the Stormont Assembly election in Northern Ireland.

n the video on Twitter, the Meath native portrays himself as ‘Kevin McAllister’ of the ‘Immobile Conservative and Unionist Party (ICUP)’. The fictional party’s policy line reads: “Freedom to suppress the freedoms of others.”

He starts the video by declaring that change is coming to Northern Ireland and that “change is bad”.

The comedian states that the ICUP has a five-point plan to “promote statis, prevent change and promote stagnation across Ulster”.

The Derry Girls star said if elected, his party promises “more sausages than ever”.

“Point one, there will be no more Irish Sea, we will drain the sea. This means no more Protocol, no more custom checks and no more erosion of our culture, values and coastline by waves of ethnic water,” he said.

“Number two, electricity has changed the way we live since Sinn Féin invented it in the 1960s. As energy bills rise for the working families of Northern Ireland, we propose getting rid of electricity altogether.”

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“Number three, if elected we promise more sausages than ever before. Number four, it is a common misconception that I believe a woman’s place in is the home. I believe a woman’s place is indeed outside the home, between the coal shed and the outhouse.”

“Number five, there’s a place for everybody in Northern Ireland, for homosexuals and unmarried mothers, that place is hell and until judgement day they can use their charisma, unionism, nerve and talent to design and manufacture beautiful christening bonnets for the babies of Fermanagh and Omagh.”

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