Dr. Oz took a jab at Biden during a Trump rally for the Pennsylvania Senate candidate, claiming the only thing the president ‘built back better’ was ‘the Republican Party’

Republican Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz took a jab at President Joe Biden at a campaign rally, claiming the only thing he’s “built back better” is the “Republican Party,” The Hill reported.

Oz campaigned with former President Donald Trump in Pennsylvania on Friday, ahead of the state’s primary elections on May 17. The candidate’s remarks were in reference to Biden’s $2 trillion Build Back Better spending plan, which is still stalled in the Senate and was designed to bolster investments in areas like childcare, healthcare, and clean energy.

Oz told the crowd on Friday that Biden made supporters miss Trump “even more.”

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Oz who faces a close race in Pennsylvania against a number of GOP candidates, including David McCormick, a former member of the Bush administration spoke on hot-button topics like gender identity and inflation during his speech, The Hill reported.

During a debate last week, Oz’s challengers brought up his shifting positions on topics such as abortion and gun rights, The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Contenders noted Oz expressed concern in 2019 about abortion legislation in Alabama that would basically ban abortion.

“You’ve got a track record that’s completely opposite of the idea, and it’s another example of you being completely phony,” McCormick told.

At Friday’s rally, Oz said he believes that life starts at conception, and reiterated his support for abortion bans, according to The Hill.

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