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Zelenskyy’s nightly address talks about Mariupol, an attack on a museum, and Odesa

Ukraine’s president has delivered his nightly address.

Speaking about the situation in Mariupol, he said there were still efforts to evacuate “all heroes who defend” the city.

“This is extremely difficult. But it is important. I’m sure everyone understands the root cause of this complication, as well as where the cause is located.

“But we do not lose hope. We do not stop. Every day we are looking for a diplomatic option that can work out.

“Tomorrow, our team is preparing the further work of humanitarian corridors for all residents of Mariupol and surrounding settlements.”

Speaking about the Russian attack on the Hryhorii Skovoroda Museum in the Kharkiv region, he said: “A missile. To destroy the museum.

“Museum of the philosopher and poet who lived in the XVIII century, who taught people what a true Christian attitude to life is and how a person can get to know himself.

“Well, it seems that this is a terrible danger for modern Russia – museums, the Christian attitude to life and people’s self-knowledge.

“Every day of this war, the Russian army does something that is beyond words. But every next day it does something that makes you feel it in a new way.”

Mr Zelenskyy said that, the Russian army has destroyed or damaged nearly 200 cultural heritage sites.

He also mentioned a missile strike on Odesa earlier today, saying the attack was aimed “at a city where almost every street has something memorable, something historical”.

“But for the Russian army, it doesn’t matter. They would only kill and destroy. Odesa? Kharkiv region? Donbas? They do not care.”

He added: “Unfortunately, evil tends to return when people disrespect other people’s rights, disregard the law and destroy culture.

“This is exactly what happened to the Russian state. That is why we all have to defend ourselves now.

“Defend our people, our cities and even our museums, which are becoming targets for Russian missile strikes.”

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