Todd Otto, Fox News and Andrew Janz

Fox News isn’t a legitimate news outlet 

Fox News is not only the perpetrator of lies but a leader of Hate news. Just like the moron in the White House who couldn’t tell the truth even if Tulare’s congressman slapped it on his forehead. Followers and admirers of these two must be quite happy seeing the idiot in the White House giving more love to that dictator in Russia than he does his own judicial departments. Fox News is not a news outlet. People who follow them are not stupid, just very narrow-minded.

— Ernest Beltran, Tulare 

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Andrew Janz should run for Congress again, not Fresno mayor      

I enthusiastically volunteered for Andrew Janz’s Congressional campaign because I believed he was running on principle more than just seeking a political opportunity.  Janz had the integrity and platform needed to unseat a truly malicious congressman who is a threat to our democracy. Now I learn Janz is running for Mayor of Fresno instead of regrouping your congressional campaign for another battle with Devil Nunes.  My unsolicited opinion is Andrew, this is a big mistake, for several reasons:

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