Lazy voters are to blame for extremist Supreme Court justices

Voters to blame for conservative court

There are a multitude of reasons why a woman might choose to end a pregnancy.

The Republican right wing supports mandating parenthood rather than granting women the right to choose when and if to commit to the lifelong and life-altering responsibility of parenthood. 

If you’re upset with the removal of a woman’s right to determine her own destiny, who might you blame?   

Are you one of the 97,000 Floridians who voted for Ralph Nader rather than Al Gore in 2000? Are you one of the people who voted for Donald Trump because he was a celebrity and not a typical politician?  Are you one of the millions of Americans who did not vote at all?

Elections have consequences and we see now how that manifests itself. This ultra-conservative Supreme Court will likely reverse much of the social progress that has been made over the last 50-plus years. 

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