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Russia Ukraine War Live, Russia Victory Day: Ukraine said Tuesday its forces had recaptured villages from Russian troops north and northeast of the city of Kharkiv, pressing a counter-offensive that could signal a shift in the war’s momentum and jeopardise Russia’s main advance. Ukrainian troops in recent days recaptured four settlements north of Ukraine’s second-largest city, said Tetiana Apatchenko, a press officer with the main Ukrainian force in the area.

In Washington, top US intelligence officials said the war was at a stalemate. Meanwhile, the US House of Representatives approved more than $40 billion more aid for Ukraine Tuesday, as Congress races to keep military aid flowing and boost the government in Kyiv as it grapples with the Russian invasion.

In other news, as the European Union tries to impose sanctions on Russian oil over the war in Ukraine, Hungary has emerged as one of the biggest obstacles to unanimous support needed from the bloc’s 27 member nations. Hungary’s nationalist government — one of the most friendly to Moscow in the EU — insists it will not support any sanctions that target Russian energy exports, and not without reason. Read here. 


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