Conservative, Central Valley Rep. Devin Nunes seeks money in Bay Area

Bay Area Republicans have become part of a Central Valley congressional race, with GOP Rep. Devin Nunes of Tulare bombarding them with a fund-raising mailer, complete with his full-color picture on the envelope.

For voters living in the nine counties where Assemblywoman Catharine Baker of San Ramon is the only Republican holding elective office, Nunes’ red-meat appeal is a continuing reminder that San Francisco and Berkeley don’t represent all of California.

Nunes, who as head of the House Intelligence Committee has been a staunch ally of President Trump, opened his letter with the president’s endorsement, something not often seen even among Republican candidates in a state where Hillary Clinton received 62 percent of the vote in 2016.

But it was different in Nunes’ 22nd Congressional District, where Trump had a 52 percent to 42 percent margin, suggesting voters there want to know that the president believes Nunes is “a true American Patriot, the like of which we rarely see in our modern day world.”

There are also plenty of “us against them” attacks, which are only to be expected in a state where Republicans are now California’s third largest voting group, behind not only Democrats but also independent voters.

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