Buffalo Shooting Suspect’s Motives Come From Republican Politics

A community in Buffalo New York has been rocked by tragedy after a gunman entered a local Tops supermarket and opened fire on the people inside.

Now, with an investigation underway and a trial set to take place, there are many questions left to answer.

How do things like this happen so much in this country, and how can we prevent such tragedies in the future?

The alleged Buffalo shooter believed that he was helping to save white Americans from being “replaced.”

The twisted reasoning that led Peyton Gendron to allegedly go on a shooting spree that would leave 10 dead and three injured in a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York begins with the notion that white people are being intentionally “replaced” by some international conspiracy.

Gendron wrote that while the Jewish people were a part of this “problem” they could wait, while “the high fertility replacers will destroy us now, it is a matter of survival we destroy them first.”

As evidenced by the choice of the target location and his stated intentions in the manifesto, Gendron seems to believe that these “high fertility replacers” are Black people.

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But Gendron is not a lone wolf acting on some fringe conspiracy theory. 

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