Health care: Nevadans deserve better

This opinion column was submitted by Dean Heller, a Republican candidate for governor. His campaign website is

A secretive vote in the dead of night, out of the view of the public, impacting access to health care for tens of thousands of Nevadans and imposing crippling regulations on hundreds of doctors and health care providers, sounds like a tale from some corrupt third world banana republic. But it happened right here in Nevada. 

That’s how Nevada’s version of the so-called public option, a government-run health care plan paid for by your tax dollars, made its way to Governor Steve Sisolak. Sisolak signed it into law, despite the fierce objections of doctors, nurses and other care providers who were on the front lines fighting the worst pandemic in more than a century. 

The bill was championed by a host of far-left activist groups.

In other words, socialist Democrat politicians and their allies went into hiding to enact a bill that impacts the health care coverage that so many Nevada families depend on. Steve Sisolak turned his back on the health care heroes who were working themselves to exhaustion to fight the pandemic and who fought to oppose this bill.

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