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PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL, WHITE PLAINS, NY, and YONKERS, NY — May 23, 2022 — We open Monday’s Blog Talk Radio broadcast with John Bailey, Publisher / Editor of the White Plains CitizeNetReporter. 

  1. Amazon served with complaint from New York Human Rights Commission for discrimination against pregnant and disabled workers; denying medical requests for change in hours.
  2. Tropical storm winds and high temperatures from high 80’s to low 90’s reveal Westchester County is not immune from climate change.
  3. We inquire with infection rates by COVID-19 increasing alarmingly if the medical profession has been able to validate / contemplate why many people’s behavior has become less wary? CDC calls for masks in 54 New York counties with high Covid levels: Westchester County on the list.
  4. The baby formula shortage became known when bacteria traced to Abbot Laboratories in Sturgis, Michigan became knowThe baby formula shortage caused by shutdown of the Abbott when 2 babies died. The shutdown was in February. Why has the manufacturing plant not been able to clean the entire facility? Why has Abbot and the Federal government not focused its attention of ramping up production? The first shipment of Nestlé baby formula delivered to the U.S. to help alleviate the critical shortage arrived in Indiana on Sunday.
  5. We make inquiry into the Fentanyl distribution control and the progress in Westchester County
  6. The Gedney Association vs. French American School continue the battle as of June 2, 2022.
  7. Tropical storm winds coupled with temperatures in the high 80’s / low 90’s informers Westchester County it is not immune to climate change. From 10-10:30 a.m., DST.

Michael Edelman, Political Analyst / Pundit shares his insight on a panoply of issues.

  1. Early redistricting wins contemplated by Democrats have imploded. We learn what final outcome will have on the upcoming mid-term election on the national and local election results. Does the Biden Administration have enough time to gain political support for a Democratic win, or has the Republican platform outmaneuvered the Dems?  
  2. President Biden said Sunday that the United States is looking into what vaccines might be available to protect people against monkeypox, saying that “everybody” should be concerned as cases continue to spread around the world and some countries beef up their treatment stockpiles. Biden said the recent spread of monkeypox infections — identified by the World Health Organization in at least 12 countries where the relatively rare disease is not endemic — could be “consequential” if it continues.
  3. Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court justice, pressed Arizona lawmakers to help reverse Trump’s loss, emails show. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is married to Ginni. The optics are scary! Is there a solution?
  4. In addition to having the blood of Ukrainians on his hands from his completely unjustified war, Russian President Vladimir Putin leader is also responsible for the growing starvation of people around the world. Ukraine is the breadbasket for much of the Middle East and North Africa. Right now, Mr. Putin is preventing Ukrainian grain from leaving the port of Odessa and along other key Black Sea routes. The result is dire: Global food prices are at an all-time high, and 276 million people are food insecure — more than double the numbers from 2019. From 10-11:00 a.m., DST.

The final segment is presented by Yonkers Tribune Publisher/Editor Hezi Aris and is an introspective over the most recent news regarding Ukraine. From 11am – 12Noon, DST.

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