Bill Clinton Hailed Biden As Leader, Praised Infrastructure Law, Ukraine Response

  • Joe Biden was named one of TIME’s Top 100 influential people of 2022 — his fifth time appearing on the list.
  • Former President Bill Clinton penned a tribute to the president for the magazine.
  • Clinton described Biden as a leader who cares “more about winning the future than rewriting history.”

Former President Bill Clinton hailed President Joe Biden as a “get-the-job-done leader” in a profile about the president for Time Magazine’s Top 100 list.

Biden was named one of Time Magazine’s Top 100 influential people of 2022 — his fifth time appearing on the list. In a tribute penned by Clinton, the former president praised Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure law in its pursuit to “improve our roads and bridges, bring clean water to more communities, and expand affordable



“In his first 16 months as President, Joe Biden has done exactly what he said he would do if elected — help America overcome an unprecedented pandemic, rebuild a battered economy from the bottom up and middle out so that it works for all of us, and restore our standing in the world,” Clinton wrote.

Earlier this month, Clinton met with Biden for lunch at the White House over an undisclosed “range of issues” as Biden faces a contentious midterm campaign season — similar to the midterms Clinton experienced in 1994 dubbed the “Republican Revolution,” referring to GOP success in the midterm elections.

In the Time Magazine tribute, Clinton went on to commend Biden on his response to the war in Ukraine. Last week, Biden signed a $40 billion aid package for Ukraine in the wake of the unprovoked invasion of the country by Russian forces. The US has also joined the EU and other global leaders in condemning Russia over the conflict and imposed sanctions on the country.

The former president also acknowledged the tasks that remain at-hand for the Biden administration, namely in addressing the recent record-breaking rates of inflation, but said he still remains confident for a solution with Biden “on the job.”

“The usual sound bites and answers that dominate the news won’t help,” Clinton wrote. “But a get-the-job-done leader who cares more about the people than the polls, more about winning the future than rewriting history, will.”

Clinton added: “That’s who Joe Biden is. And why I’m glad he’s on the job.”

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