A third Trump miss in Georgia

He called Kemp “a disaster,” going so far as to suggest that Democratic candidate Stacey Abrams might be a better choice, telling a rally last September that if she wants to be governor, “It’s OK with me.”

Raffensperger, who refused to “find” the 11,780 votes Trump demanded in a post-election phone call, got rough treatment by the former president as well. In the same Save America rally, Trump described Raffensperger as a “RINO” (Republican in name only), as well as “incompetent and strange,” saying, “There’s something wrong with this guy.”

Because Carr decided after the November election against joining other Republican AGs trying to “stop the steal” through litigation, Trump hit him with a familiar attack, calling him a “disaster every step of the way.”  “He wasn’t looking for election integrity,” Trump charged, “but rather an easy way out.”  

But Tuesday night, Kemp, Raffensperger and Carr not only won their primaries, they won them handily, with all three officials avoiding primary runoffs.

Kemp beat former Sen. David Perdue by 73.7 percent to 21.8 percent, despite Trump’s strong endorsement of Perdue. Raffensperger won his race against Rep. Jody Hice by 52.3 percent to 33.4 percent. And Carr, like Kemp, swept to a huge victory, with 73.8 percent of the vote, over Trump’s choice, John Gordon.

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