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Purely Political, By James Buckley

Hillary Clinton and her devotees love to toss out the idea that Donald Trump and the entire Republican Party present an “existential threat to our democracy,” but the truth (and they know it) is that Hillary and her supporters are the real existential threat.

A Hillary Clinton presidency would have dealt a death blow to democracy in this country.

The federal trial that took place for the most part of the last month in Washington, D.C., is the “smoking gun” that proves that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was the real impetus behind all the moves to first thwart and then overturn the Trump presidency.

Justice Department Special Counsel John Durham, heading up the prosecution of Hillary campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, is the kind of lawman that legends are made of. Mr. Durham, a former prosecutor and U.S. attorney for the District of Connecticut, has a prosecutorial history that features a stint as special investigator on the Whitey Bulger case, as well as the successful reversal of murder convictions of four men — Enrico Tameleo, Joseph Salvati, Peter J. Limone and Louis Greco —  who had apparently been framed by the FBI and whose families secured a $101.7 million civil judgment against the U.S. government.

Mr. Durham tore through New England revealing FBI agents’ ties to the Mafia and prosecuted Mafioso figures as well as former Republican Connecticut Gov. John Rowland. Appointed a special prosecutor by Attorney General Janet Reno back in 1999, he put together a team of FBI agents from outside the Boston area to investigate corruption in the Boston-based FBI office. The racketeering conviction of retired FBI agent John Connolly Jr. (under the RICO statutes) and indictment of retired FBI agent H. Paul Rico (he died before going to trial) followed.

So it seemed appropriate that Attorney General William Barr — at the request of President Trump — would appoint Mr. Durham to look into possible Russian interference in the 2016 elections. That inquiry turned into a criminal probe that so far has led to the conviction of FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, who admitted altering a CIA email to secure a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act tap of Carter Page, a Trump staffer.

Mr. Durham’s indictment of former Perkins Coie lawyer/partner Michael Sussmann reveals how devious, how utterly corrupt, Hillary Clinton and her sycophants and apologists in the press really were and continue to be. In collusion with Mr. Sussmann and others, the Clinton campaign packaged and paid for the phony Steele dossier and both created and perpetuated the “Russia Collusion” hoax that the mainstream media relied on to tarnish Mr. Trump before and during his entire presidency.

Just how insidious this plot against the president was is outlined in the Sussmann indictment.

“In or about early August 2016,” it reads, “Tech Executive-1 called an individual at Internet Company-3. During the call, Tech Executive-1 instructed the individual to task Internet Company-3 employees to search for any Internet date reflecting potential connections or communications between Trump or his associates and Russia.

“In connection with this tasking, and as alleged in further detail below, Tech Executive-1’s goal was to support an ‘inference’ and ‘narrative’ regarding Trump that would please certain ‘VIPs.’

No connections were found, so they’d need to create one.

“It would be possible,” Originator-1 explains, “to fill out a sales form on two websites, faking the other company’s email address in each form” and thereby cause them “to appear to communicate with each other.” Originator-1 then concluded: “If Tech Executive-1 can take the *inference* we gain through this team exercise … then work to develop even an inference may be worthwhile.”

“Let’s for a moment think of the best-case scenario,” he continued, “where we are able to show (somehow) that DNS [Director of National Security] communication exists between Trump and Russia. How do we plan to defend against the criticism that this is not spoofed traffic we are observing? There is no answer to that. Let’s assume again they (investigative reporters and security experts) are not smart enough to refute our ‘best case’ scenario.”

Tech Executive-1 interrupts: “You do realize,” he says, “that we will have to expose every trick we have in our bag to even make a very weak association? Let’s all reflect upon that for a moment … The only thing that drives us at this point is that we just do not like Trump. This will not fly in (the) eyes of public scrutiny. Folks, I am afraid we have tunnel vision. Time to regroup?”

Mr. Durham’s indictment cites that: “SUSSMANN continued to bill time on these matters to the Clinton Campaign.”

Later, the team leader brags about the white paper having “smartly” avoided discussing weaknesses or “holes” in the paper’s hypothesis: “A DNS expert would poke several holes to this hypothesis (primarily around visibility, about which very smartly you do not talk about). That being said, I do not think even the top security (non-DNS) researchers can refute your statements.”


In other words, no one would be smart enough to realize that the entire collusion narrative was fraudulent. Even the most hardened of Democrats should be ashamed and unnerved by these revelations.

Former President Trump had no connection with Russian President Vladimir Putin. There was no “collusion” between the 2016 Trump for President campaign and anyone in Russia, president or otherwise. We do know, however, that collusion took place between the 2016 Hillary for President campaign and Russian interlopers.

Because President Trump exposed the Russia collusion/Steele dossier gambit as the dirty political trick that it was, the Democratic Party impeached him for it. “Obstruction of justice” charges were leveled against the president for calling a hoax a hoax.

No one should wonder why some of us continue to believe that the 2020 election was indeed a sham and that President Trump should still be President Trump.

James Buckley is a longtime Montecito resident. He welcomes questions or comments at Readers are invited to visit, where Jim’s Journals are on file. He also invites people to subscribe to Jim’s Journal.

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