Trevor Noah reveals latest prank on Donald Trump & Ted Cruz

Trevor Noah has taken his comedic political takes to a new level, now unveiling a mock commemoration for Donald Trump and Ted Cruz in Los Angeles.

A collection of monuments, given the title, ‘Heroes of the Freedomsurrection’ ridicules Trump and alike right-wing figures after the shocking January 4th insurrection in 2020.

From June 3-5, passers by will have full access to view a collection of plaques at at Westfield Century City Nordstrom Plaza in Los Angeles, mocking a variety of Republican political leaders.

Whilst from afar, the monuments may seem innocent, a taker look will unveil a collection of humorous descriptions and portraits.

Former President Trump’s monument reportedly features the description: “Though too humble to willingly release documents detailing the full scope of his efforts to stop the tyrannical will of the people, we do know he fought tirelessly to install turnover-friendly allies in the Justice Department, and directed officials to ‘just say that the election was corrupt’ and ‘leave the rest to me.’”

‘Heroes of the Freedomsurrection’ display arrives in Los Angeles

This current selection of monuments was previously featured in New York, now making it’s way to America’s sunshine city.

Despite recently appearing as the chosen comedian for this year’s White House Correspondent’s Dinner, taking several jabs at President Joe Biden, Noah has been consistently clear in his anti-Trump attitudes.

The Comedy Central host has found great importance in highlighting the danger of growing domestic extremism in the United States after the 2020 riot on Capitol Hill.

Even after Trump’s exit from the White House, Noah has found new targets for his satirical takes on the news. In recent months, the comedian has made a number of witty jabs at Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis.

If anything, The Daily Show’s decision to further publicise it’s famed mock commemoration display is simply the cherry on the cake.

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