Britain’s Got Talent Alesha Dixon’s ‘pink condom’ outfit sparks ‘cover up warning’ theory from viewers

Britain’s Got Talent viewers were taken aback by judge Alesha Dixon’s unusual choice of outfit on Wednesday night’s live semi final.

On a night which saw Simon Cowell hit his buzzer twice and Amanda Holden don a very revealing gold gown, it was Alesha’s ‘pink condom’ which had most people talking.

The judge was compared to a Marigold glove as viewers asked ‘wtf is she wearing’.

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But the outfit did cause some fans to speculate as to why she chose to wear something that is such a departure from her previous bras and crop tops.

@Mrscarter22 said: “Why does Alesha look like a giant Marigold Glove?”

@therealzoeMBE said: “Alesha reminds me of Cynthia from the rugrats tonight #BGT

@therealdonnnab42 said: “God help us all. I dunno what’s worse; Alesha’s outfit or the shower of village hall s*** performing on #bgt”

Sonia Wilkinson said: “Just tuned in, wtf is Alesha wearing?!!”

@Brussalis said: “Alesha, that outfit. Kim Kardashian you are not!!””

Alesha Dixon’s strange ‘pink condom’ outfit on BGT tonight

@Matts_tw said: “Alesha please never wear a pink condom again”

@redwarrior said: “Alesha Dixon looks like the pink panther tonight”

She wore a skin tight pink all in one suit that came up to her neck and covered her hands entirely with gloves.

@Mr_chambers said: “Alesha’s outfit was designed by Durex…”

@Jim_blower said: “Simon trying to make it all about him… …when it should all be about what Alesha and Amanda are wearing.”

@pilot_kim84 said: “Is Alesha going to a gimp party afterwards or something? That outfit is ridiculous #BGT”

And despite Amanda Holden keeping to her promise to keep her outfits racy for the live semi finals, Alesha’s exact opposite strategy is the one that had viewers forming a theory.

Alesha Dixon's highly unusual pink outfit on Wednesday's semi
Alesha Dixon’s highly unusual pink outfit on Wednesday’s semi

BGT viewers thought that Alesha might have been told to ‘cover up more’, which led to the unusual pink spandex style attire which went right down her arms and hands.

@Scottishguy90 said: “I’m thinking tonight Alesha Dixon has been told to cover up more. That’s why she’s wearing all pink”

@tomster7uk said: “I wonder if Alesha has been told to cover up? Why hasn’t Amanda?”

But of course, it could just be that Alesha fancied going in the opposite direction to Amanda, who opted for a very daring barely there gold dress with cleavage aplenty on show after promising to keep things racy for the live semis.

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