NJ primary election 2022: 11th Congressional District candidates

Four years ago, Democrat Mikie Sherrill rode the 2018 midterm election “blue wave” into office in District 11. The former Navy helicopter pilot and federal prosecutor is running unopposed in Tuesday’s primary for what would be her third term in a district that had been controlled by Republicans for 33 years.

Having secured the top party ballot lines in Morris and Essex, Tayfun Selen appears to be a front-runner on the Republican side. The former mayor of Chatham Township is currently serving as director of the Morris County Commissioner Board. Four Republicans stand in his way to oppose Sherrill in November.

NJ 11th Congressional District Candidates


Mikie Sherrill is seen by some New Jersey party leaders as a strong candidate for higher office. A third term would cement her as a possible future candidate for governor or the Senate. A loss would be a crushing blow for her party. 


Newly elected Morris County Freeholder Tayfun Selen calls for the resignation of JCP&L CEO Charles Jones and electric bill refunds for July and August

Tayfun Selen’s rise from a Turkish immigrant pumping gas in Madison to a successful business career has been swift. He was elected to the Chatham Township Committee and served a one-year term as mayor before becoming a county commissioner. His momentum and name recognition in Morris County are in his favor.

Paul DeGroot

Paul DeGroot is an attorney and former Passaic County prosecutor who claimed the Passaic County line in the primary. He’s now living in Montville. His campaign website says he “comes from a blue-collar family with respect for conservative values such as hard work, discipline and helping others.”

Toby Anderson

Toby Anderson is an Iraq war veteran and small business owner from Morristown who says he is running “to restore parental rights, control inflation and to put an end to the leftist policies and cancel culture supported by the Biden-Pelosi-Sherrill agenda.”

Ruth McAndrew

Ruth McAndrew is a hospice triage RN from Randolph who says she is running for Congress “because we need diverse representation in government.” She favors Medicare at home for seniors, PTSD support for healthcare workers and essential workers; parental rights in education, healthcare and religious freedom.

Alexander Halter

Alexander Halter is a first-time candidate for office. A resident of Denville who works as a regional television producer, Halter describes himself as an “America-first Trump Republican.”

District makeup

The district is dominated by Morris County (28 of 46 towns) with extensions into suburban Essex County and Passaic County. Redistricting removed Republican strongholds in Sussex County while adding Democrat-dominated Dover to District 11. Those changes appear to have added to Sherrill’s advantage. 

The issues

Infrastructure; affordable housing and redevelopment; property taxes and restoring the State and Local Tax deduction, commonly referred to as SALT; inflation; flooding; environmental concerns including lake algae.


Sherrill’s priority list is topped by lowering taxes and reducing the costs of healthcare and childcare. Other priorities include infrastructure, clean energy, water quality, stopping gun violence, protecting national security and protecting Picatinny Arsenal, Morris County’s largest civilian employer.

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