6 Times Ted Cruz Was Worse Than Covid

One might say that if Covid had a face and personality, it would be Ted Cruz. People spend a great deal of time wondering just what’s wrong with the Texas Senator and how anyone could vote for him, even Texans. It’s a tempting project because there’s just so much infinitely wrong with the guy. His level of awful had to have started after then-presidential candidate Donald Trump insulted his wife and Ted did not only do anything, but he campaigned for Trump and did his bidding for four years. One might even say that Cruz has followed in Donald Trump’s slime trail and become a full-time internet troll. It’s not like the senator has another, more pressing job.

And while Ted Cruz loves to think of himself as being this salt-of-the-earth, gun-toting conservative, he’s actually a feckless member of the elite. For example, he graduated from Princeton University and his wife is with Goldman Sachs. But cosplaying as a red-neck tough guy is pretty much all you have to do to win favor with the bottom feeders in today’s Republican party. It was close but Texans somehow re-elected Cruz when they could have traded him in for Beto O’Rourke. O’ Rourke, of course, is now running to unseat another terrible person in Governor Abbott.

Cruz is now notorious for leaving his Texas constituents for death in an unusual deep freeze in 2021 while he jetted off to the warm temps of Cancun. Indeed, that is an A-hole move worthy of getting tar and feathered. But again, the GOP has super-duper low standards and the entire party’s agenda is simply “owning the libs.” So given the absolute monstrosity that is Ted Cruz, we at Mandatory decided to find six times where he was actually worse than Covid.

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