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Regan Zeebuyth ’01 has always been curious. Curious about words, about ideas, and about systems. He’s always trusted that curiosity to guide him. Even when, as a second-year Lute, it led him to rethink plans to follow his parents into medicine and toward a major in communication. Even when it nudged him out of a burgeoning early career in public relations and into the world of corporate internal communications.

Zeebuyth’s curiosity eventually led him to join the communications team at Starbucks, where he served in six different roles over a 10-year span, starting as a project manager and departing as a director of communications. It’s also why he now loves working at Amazon, where, as the senior manager for corporate affairs business operations, he leads the business operations team for worldwide communications at Amazon — and has served in three positions (so far) in the past five years.

Certainly there’s a tactical side to communication, how you craft messaging, and why you’re crafting messaging the way that you’re crafting it,” he explains. “But I also love thinking through the complexity of what we do. In addition to the near-term decisions we make right now around communication, also thinking about the potential long-term or ripple effects of that.”

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