Love Island 2022 RECAP: Gemma flirts with THIRD boy in just a few days – and Davide is fuming

LOVE Island fans are convinced that sizzling new bombshell Ekin-Su could turn Davide’s head as she enters the villa.

Tonight’s preview has dropped and by the looks of things this will be a juicy episode for sure as two new bombshells head out for a date with Liam, and meet the rest of the Islanders.

Viewers will see Gemma looking absolutely fuming after blonde babe Ekin-Su steals her man for a heart-racing workout.

Gemma is absolutely rattled, as she turns to leave saying: “I don’t think I can watch this.”

She goes on to say: “This is cringe as f***.”

Fans are saying they think Ekin-Su could be right up the Italian snack, Davide’s street.

Taking to Twitter, one said: “I think Ekin Su is more Davide‘s type.”

Another agreed: “I think davide will want ekin su.”

A third wrote: “I don’t think Gemma is that interested in Davide, she’s just gone after him cause he was new and everyone else wanted him.

“As soon as Liam got the texts for the dates her face said it all. I think she’ll go back to him #LoveIsland.”

In a confessional, Paige tells the audience that the girls are “rattled,” while her current couple partner has had his head turned by the bombshell as Luca tells the other boys he wants to “rip her clothes off.”

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  • Is this THE moment?

    Gemma says Luca would love her dad because they both like sports.

    Could this be the time we’ve all been waiting for?

  • New couple alert?

    Gemma says she’s attracted to Luca and he’s definitely into her.

    He even wants to switch up sleeping arrangements and move in with her.

  • Long time coming

    Luca’s pulled Gemma for a chat and she says it’s been a long time coming.

    Davide even looks like he’s slightly losing his cool.

  • Playing games

    Luca got to snog Paige AND Gemma in the game of beer pong.

    Has Davide got competition?

  • Switching it up

    Paige was told to perform a sexy walk to an Islander she fancies – and it wasn’t Andrew!

    Lucky Luca.

  • Glamming up

    Nothing like spending ages getting ready to go and sit in the same garden you’ve been in all day…

  • Sparks flying

    Ekin-Su has pulled Andrew for a chat and it’s already electric between them.

    Tasha looked thrilled about it…

  • Elephant in the room

    Davide FINALLY addressed his and Gemma’s age-gap.

    And they both insist they’re not bothered by it…

    Was Gemma telling him he’s “not the only one” her way of hitting back at his friendship with Ekin-Su?

  • In there?

    Gemma says Davide’s flirty workout with Ekin-Su might make her go off him.

    Could Liam FINALLY be in there with her?

  • Awkward

    Ekin-Su is very interested in Paige and Luca’s “undercover bits” and claims she didn’t see any action.

    Does she ever sleep?

  • Not wasting any time

    Ekin-Su says she’s not interested in getting to know the girls.

    She’s really going to ruffle some feathers.

  • Beaming

    Afia says Ekin-Su was smiling all night.

    Someone definitely isn’t smiling this morning… Gemma.

  • She knows what she wants

    Ekin-Su isn’t here to ‘make seasonal girlfriends’.

    That’s good then, because it doesn’t look like she and Gemma will be besties anytime soon.

  • Poor Liam

    Even after their double dates Liam didn’t make either of Ekin-Su or Afia’s top three.

    He can’t catch a break!

  • Not happy

    Gemma can’t hide her feelings about the new girls, can she?

    Her face says it all.

  • Making an entrance

    Davide and Luca were definitely impressed with the new arrivals.

    But are the girls feeling threatened?

  • My number one

    Luca says Paige is at the top of his list.

    Something tells us that might change when Ekin-Su and Afia enter the villa.

  • Eye contact

    Liam and Ekin-Su like each other’s eyes. Just in case anybody missed that.

  • Three words

    Davide is struggling to pick three words to describe Gemma.

    Italian charm to the rescue…

  • Playing it cool

    Last night Liam was determined to win Gemma back.

    There’s nothing like a sexy bombshell or two to turn someone’s head…

  • Water-who?

    Afia is from south east London, but Liam has never heard of Waterloo.

    This potential long-distance relationship might have some problems.

  • Boys will be boys

    If you’ve ever wondered why boys are like before a night out… this is it!

    Looks like Liam is very excited about his dates with Ekin-Su and Afia.

    Gemma who?

  • Bumper show tonight as the episode is extended by 20 minutes

    Fans will be treated to an extra-long episode tonight as the Islanders react to not one but two new bombshells.

    Ekin-Su joins the villa with Afia on tonight’s show – with them both going on dates with Liam.

    There’s also an icy moment between Paige and Ekin-Su with Luca revealing how he feels about the sexy new arrival.

    Bring on the drama!

  • SPOILER: Paige left fuming as Luca says he wants to ‘rip off’ Ekin-Su’s clothes

    Tonight’s episode will see bombshells Ekin-Su and Afia have their dates with Liam.

    When he returns to tell the boys all about it, Luca makes his feelings about Ekin-Su very clear.

    The hunk tells Davide, Dami, Luca, and Andrew: “That Ekin-Su’s naughty.”

    Luca replies: “I want to trip her clothes off man!”

    Liam says back: “Yeah she’s going to cause absolute carnage.”

    Will there be trouble in paradise for Paige and Luca

  • ‘Race row’ rumbles on as fans claim Amber and Indiyah are missing out on airtime

    Angry viewers took to social media to vent their fury over Amber and Indiyah’s lack of airtime during Wednesday night’s episode.

    The main crux of the episode involved Gemma and her date with Davide and a love triangle between Tasha, Andrew and Luca.

    But some fans noticed that Amber and Indiyah are not being shown flirting or getting to know the guys in the villa.

    One tweeted: “All I’ve been hearing is ‘Gemma, Paige and Tasha’…don’t get me wrong they’re absolutely beautiful, but my heart can’t help but break a bit for Indiyah and Amber :(.”

    Another penned: “Petition to see more of Indiyah and Amber.”

    Love Island 2022 first found itself at the centre of a race storm after the four black contestants were paired up by a public vote during the launch show.

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