Panel: Stand Down or Stand Up? What should be the fallout from FUSD trustee’s controversial tweet and board meeting shouting matches?

School board meetings across America have become ground zero for political protests and propaganda. For the second time this school year, Fresno Unified had to shut down their board meeting this last week after a sequence of heated exchanges and outbursts. During the open comment period for parents and residents of the third largest school district in the state, some called for the resignation of trustee Veva Islas after the controversial tweet she posted on January 26th. Other strong comments were pointed in the direction of embattled trustee Terry Slatic, in which he engaged in a shouting match with one resident ultimately ending the board meeting abruptly. The Sunday Morning Matters panel with Andrew Janz and Garry Bredefeld weigh in on what should be the fallout from the lack of decorum and Islas’ tweet.

During a brief zoom discussion, trustee Islas explained to Alexan Balekian her reasoning behind her tweet that angered many residents. Islas says she will not resign and reached out to each of her fellow board members and superintendent Bob Nelson apologizing for any harm the tweet on her personal profile may have caused them. Trustees Slatic and Keshia Thomas say they never received any apology from Islas.

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