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Had a good laugh when I heard Joe Biden say that our economy is growing faster than any economy in the world. From CBS News: US economy shrank 1.4% in the first quarter of 2022. Does anyone believe Joe Biden’s malarkey anymore?

Tom Pollock

Breaking News — Consumer prices increase a record 8.6% in May. Well, I guess it isn’t breaking news to anyone that has bought groceries or gas or just about anything in the last 6 months. In fact, 8.6% is not even close to reality. Just bought a can of Walmart-brand decaf coffee that jumped $3 bucks a can from the last time I bought it.

Rob Andrews

I yearn for the good old days, and I want to turn back the clock. Just turn back the clock 24 months, to $2.50 regular gas and mean tweets. Did you ever think that the good old days were just 24 months ago?

There is a lifeguard shortage looming of epic proportions, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are trying to address it. They are sending recruiters to the Rio Grande River, and any illegal immigrant that swims across the Rio Grande successfully is being accepted into lifeguard certification programs.


Since Biden was sworn into office, gas, food, water, electricity, medical and drug care, and oil have gotten so expensive that a lot of people do without life-sustaining services. Our tax money pays for illegals instead of helping legitimate citizens. Biden continues to make deals with communist countries like China. Remember where the virus that killed millions of people came from. What, no America first?

Biden wouldn’t believe the house was on fire if the house was burning down around him. Talk about suffering from dementia, he is a prime example. I cannot believe his wife allows him to be embarrassed and humiliated each day. She must like being the First Lady more than she loves and cares for him. Shameful!


Outrageously, the Democrats and Liz Cheney think they are going to convince Americans that Donald Trump is a bad guy and Joe Biden is a good guy. Our pocketbooks are telling us the opposite. For over 5 years now, the Democrats said our country was going to collapse because of Trump, and Biden was going to save us, but the opposite is happening. Most people think Biden is the one who should be in jail.

Ruth Mutter

Philadelphia is a Democrat-controlled city. They said they won’t finance charter schools, even though 3 of the best schools in the city are primarily black and are charter schools. Those parents want the best education for their children, which they can’t get in the public school system. What a shame. Democrats want to keep people uneducated so they can control them and keep them in office.

The family behind Martin’s potato bread has put itself behind Doug Mastriano who rose to prominence as a Trump-supporting election denier. Mastriano is the Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor. Potato roll magnate Jim Martin has given Mastriano’s gubernatorial campaign well over $100K. That’s causing some worry among Philly restaurateurs that serve Martin’s products. An insurrectionist funded by potato rolls.


Looks like a lot of shenanigans going on with this Jan 6 hearing. According to the article I read, Pelosi handpicked out all the panel members. Turns out only 9 instead of 13 were required, nine Democrats and two Republicans, which included the two that hate Trump. Did you ever hear the name Liz Cheney? The Democrats are the most underhanded group of politicians I have ever seen. Another scam show.

Just called to get my diesel tank filled at my shop. The price is $6.48 a gallon. I told them no thanks. Right now that is 48 cents more a gallon than Wawa is selling it for. Please don’t get mad at me when I clog up Wawa with my tow trucks. My price per mile just went up again. Sorry.


I am saddened by this President’s failure to acknowledge D-Day in his first two years in office! Then he goes on a late-night comedy show after over 4 months of no news conferences and says he wants to jail his opponents. How does anyone in their right mind support this person?


To all of you who thought the January 6 committee was a waste of time, at the hearing Thursday night, the unlikely patriots were people from inside the Trump administration. Attorney General Barr made it very clear to Trump that he lost the election! Ivanka’s testimony called Trump a liar and made him look foolish!

Jay Miller

Biden and the Democrats have everything messed up. My mom applied for her Social Security online at the beginning of April. Online it said 2 to 4 weeks to process it. So after 5 weeks, we called. They said it takes 60 days. Sure enough 60 days exactly it said online the application was approved. Today we got a letter saying if she wants benefits she has to apply for benefits. Unbelievable.


Freedom Fighter and the Keystone pipeline. One more time, for the ignorant and the willfully ignorant, you. The Keystone pipeline has been in operation since 2009. The Keystone XL pipeline would have bypassed several hundred miles of the Keystone. All of the Canadian oil pumped though said pipelines go to the Gulf Coast for export to Europe. The only thing America would get is to clean up the oil spilled from these pipelines.

David M.

For those of you who want American boots on the ground in Ukraine, have you ever served? Do you have children or grandchildren old enough to serve? I lived through World War II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, etc. The heroes were 17 & up. The atrocities young people suffered are unbelievable, tortured, imprisoned for years, still paying the price, if alive. Be very careful what you wish for!

The Golden Ager

Republicans in Harrisburg have passed the voter intimidation act. Now they can bus in paid goons from out of town to get in your face and harass you when you’re voting, and it’s legal. I will say, if someone gets in my face when I’m voting, there will be repercussions.

Congressional Democrats and the “mainstream media” are flushing down their last vestiges of credibility with the Russian Style show trial attacking President Trump. Since 2016 they have been lying about Trump, first with the Russia Russia Hoax that they kept saying they had evidence for and we saw none, then the Ukraine phone call, and now a January 6 conspiracy hoax. Lies and more lies.

Shirley Huck

95% of all urban shootings are connected to drugs and/or gangs. When citizens are no longer afraid to inform the police, it will change.

Night Light

David M. Just makes things up as he goes along. Guns have not been outlawed in the UK or Australia. They just have stricter licensing than the US. Our HIPAA laws don’t allow thorough background checks into an applicant’s mental health records. And doctors are not allowed to flag patients that they deem to be a potential hazard with a handgun. HIPAA is at the heart of what is wrong with current licensing laws.


His Fraudulency ole Joe appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s low-hanging fruit show predicting a “mini-revolution” if Roe v. Wade is overturned by the Supreme Court. Biden isn’t predicting it … He’s asking for it!


Should Democrat candidates for public office be held personally liable for the carnage inflicted by their “green” agenda? With campaign war chests flush with cash, resources are clearly available to provide immediate assistance to those in need. It is hard to imagine that the likes of Friel, Muth, Houlahan & Dean would prioritize lawn signs and ads over the well-being of the most vulnerable among us.

M. Furlong

What a colossal load of crap! Looks like Hollywood produced that hearing show last night! What a joke! I bet the liberal wackos loved it. Especially the Sound Off Wacko Squad!

Why isn’t anyone asking for an investigation into where the funds came from that allowed the Democrats to produce and air their epic primetime televised propaganda miniseries on their adulterated investigation into the January 6th Capitol protest? Was it Soros money or taxpayer money? Intelligent citizens who see through the sham want to know.


This may be lost on the younger generations, but out of respect for coffee, I ask everyone to stop referring to a cup of coffee as “a cup of Joe.” Thank you.

Billy G.

It seems the only time we hold the “shooter” responsible is when it’s a police officer. Otherwise, it’s the gun manufacturer, ammo company, or the “NRA,” not the criminal. Fact is, the responsibility always falls upon the person pulling the trigger, nothing else!

Jim Fitch

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