10 Hilarious Shows Like Two And A Half Men You’ll Probably Love

Another of Chuck Lorre’s more notable creations, “Mom” is a dramatic sitcom that follows the lives of an estranged mother-daughter duo played by Allison Janney and Anna Faris. After years apart, the two try to reconcile their differences and mutually support one another through Alcoholics Anonymous, overcoming their past addictions while rebuilding their relationship.

Creating a sitcom that’s as emotionally cathartic as it is humorous is no small feat. Thankfully, “Mom” finds the perfect blend between the two tones, able to switch from tender emotion to more lighthearted laughs in each episode. The unique combination of the two helped propel the series to prominence, earning positive reviews and high viewership numbers, though the ratings dipped when Faris exited the series. The show also received a number of awards, with Janney winning a couple of Primetime Emmys for her work as Bonnie.

“Mom” was applauded for its exploration of more mature, sobering subject matter, including sensitive topics like alcohol and drug addiction, teen pregnancies, loss, domestic violence, and homelessness. Though “Two and a Half Men” sometimes hinted at a more profound, tragic explanation behind Charlie’s constant drinking and meaningless flings, “Mom” dives into these topics head on, presenting them as seriously as they are in real life.

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