People First Launches First Microinfluencer Platform For Politics & Advocacy

People First, formerly Main Street One, today announced the first microinfluencer platform for political, brand, and social advocacy campaigns. Progressive organizations may now source and distribute authentic videos, posts, and comments from any audience or any voter segment at scale.

Unlike networks of like-minded or politically active people, clients can commission content from virtually anyone, any voter segment, geography, profession, party affiliation, identity, age, race, sexuality, or gender. Campaigns are no longer restricted by the size and composition of an existing database, lack of quality and verification with influencer search engines, or lack of persuasion from celebrity endorsements.

People First’s managed services platform offers an end-to-end solution for organizations to source and distribute personal and local peer-to-peer content at both speed and scale. Its digital relational organizing team and tool manages the A) Identification, B) Approval, C) Recruitment, D) Briefing, E) Copy/Art Editing, F) Distributing (via organic and paid channels such as whitelisted social ads), and G) measuring campaigns (persuasion, performance, and recall) through secure client portals.

“Americans increasingly distrust institutions, including political campaigns, the media, government, and corporations,” said CEO Curtis Hougland. “Instead, they build trust through their relationships online. So, we built a platform that invites real people to share their lived experiences on behalf of causes and campaigns that they support. Real people are the most persuasive messengers to skeptical audiences. People are both the medium and message in advocacy today.”

The platform is channel-agnostic with the functionality to source content on any social or mobile messaging platform, including TikTok, Instagram, Vkontakte, WhatsApp, YouTube, LinkedIn, Next Door, Weibo, and Facebook, among others.

As a result of this specialized approach, People First fuels advocacy campaigns on public health issues such as vaccine hesitancy and mental health for Ad Council, up and down ballot political races for Democratic committees such as DGA, workers’ rights and the benefits of Unions for AFSCME, and social justice and equal rights campaigns for organizations such as Black Lives Matter. During this critical period in advance of the midterm election in the U.S., Unite the Country PAC is partnering with People First to execute the most extensive microinfluencer campaign in U.S. political history on behalf of the president’s economic and social agenda.

In a recent study in partnership with the DGA, microinfluencer content from People First was 28% more likely to be recalled versus a control ad and 45% more likely to be recalled by regular Instagram users. In a recent study by The Ad Council people reported that “trusted messengers” are perceived as 79% honest and 71% are seen as unbiased “presenting multiple points of view/give both sides of an issue.”

“People trust their communities,” added Chief Digital Officer Ryan Davis. ”This highly personal content is 6x more likely to be shared and 14x more likely to be clicked on average than benchmarks published by the technology platforms. It is state of the art digital organizing.”

People First will remain available and viable despite any potential political ad bans by the tech platform and enables affinity-based campaigning regardless of platform changes.


People First, formerly Main Street One, pioneered microinfluencer marketing for brands, political, and cause-advocacy campaigns. Founded originally to remediate disinformation, the company now sources and distributes more peer-to-peer videos, posts, and reviews than any other advocacy organization. In the run-up to the 2020 election, People First sourced and distributed more than 15,000 individual posts and videos on behalf of progressive organizations, as well as dozens of campaigns, NGOs, PACs, and other IEs – illustrated here. People First received original funding from Higher Ground Labs and works in partnership with Village Square on integrated political media campaigns. People First is a member of the Dawn Network. The company is based in New York City; however, we have been a remote office since inception with organizers across the country and unlimited PTO.

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