Sen. Jon Ossoff says a ‘moral case’ was built to pass military burn pit bill out of Senate

COLUMBUS, Ga., (WRBL) — Two weeks ago in Columbus, Georgia Sen. Jon Ossoff promised to push bipartisan legislation that would help veterans suffering from disease and illness linked to toxic war-zone burn pits.

Today, that legislation passed out of the Senate Thursday on an 84-14 vote.

When Ossoff was touting the legislation in Columbus, he admitted it wasn’t a sure thing. And it still isn’t — it still must pass the House and be signed by the president – but it’s closer to reality.

“And I looked across at my colleagues and I reminded them that many of the same senators here today voted to send our forces into combat in Iraq and Afghanistan,” Ossoff said “And when we send our service members to war doing right by them is an obligation we have when they return home.”

The bill would help veterans who served in Afghanistan and Iraq who were exposed to the burn pits where everything from human waste to medical waste was burned.

Illnesses ranging from cancer to breathing disorders have been linked to exposure to those burn pits.

This bill would make it easier for veterans to get medical help and compensation if they have been exposed to the burning toxins.

“I think that we built that kind of moral case for doing right by Georgia veterans and veterans across the country,” Ossoff said. “And those of us working on this – Democrats and Republicans – were able to get it passed today.”

In addition to Ossoff, Sen. Raphael Warnock, Georgia (D), voted for the bill. Alabama’s Sen. Richard Shelby and Sen. Tommy Tuberville voted against it. Shelby’s office declined to comment. News 3 is still waiting for a response from Tuberville’s office.

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