Next Alaska House member will come from a field of four that includes Palin

Begich, who had entered this year’s race intending to challenge Young, had raised the most money, nearly $1.2 million, as of May 22, according to Federal Election Commission reports. That includes $650,000 he loaned to his campaign.

Palin, who entered the race after Young’s death, raised about $630,000 as of May 22, including $404,000 raised from donors giving less than $200. The identity of those donors does not have to be disclosed, but of the donors who were disclosed, Palin got more money from residents of Florida and Texas than Alaska. 

Gross, a doctor who raised almost $20 million for his losing effort to oust Sullivan in 2020, had raised nearly $550,000 as of May 22, FEC records show. Peltola, a former state lawmaker, raised less than $100,000.

Outside groups disclosed some spending, about $150,000 in total, ahead of the June 11 primary.  The majority of that came from the conservative group Americans for Prosperity spending on digital ads and direct mail to support Begich, according to FEC disclosures. Late Breakers PAC, which describes itself as a super PAC that seeks to “identify and track races that could come down to just a few points and help push them over the top on Election Day,” invested about $20,000 in independent expenditures opposing Palin.

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