WTF, Democratic Leadership?

Democratic leaders in Congress, seriously, WTF is wrong with you? You let Republicans who oppose every single gun reform drive the “bi-partisan” gun reform bill. Genius idea. Put the guys who oppose every single gun reform measure in driver’s seat to create a bill that does absolutely nothing to prevent gun violence and gives them political cover to stand up with a straight face and say they did something about gun violence, negating a key talking point that moves the electorate toward voting for Democrats. What in the hell is wrong with you???

But of course Republicans can’t even bring themselves to do even the bare minimum window dressing of a bi-partisan gun reform bill. Seems they object to threatening boyfriends, mentally ill, and people who present a threat to others from having their God given second amendment rights even possibly slightly restricted in a weak sauce law that has more loopholes then Swiss cheese. Instead, Repubicans have delayed any action for weeks and now walked away from the bi-partisan bill, playing you Democratic leaders like a cheap fiddle once again…

The lead Republican negotiator for what would be the US Senate’s first gun control bill in a generation has walked out of talks with Democrats.

Texas Senator John Cornyn has played a key role in drafting the framework of a proposed firearms bill following mass shootings in Texas and New York.

Leaving Washington, he said: “I’m through talking.”


Senators say disagreements remain over incentives for states to enact so-called red flag laws, which allow police to seize guns from people deemed dangerous. Talks are also ongoing to close the “boyfriend loophole”, which permits abusive partners to buy guns.

What is it with Democrats and messaging on issues that will move the needle? It’s just not that hard guys. Take charge for a change. Psst… Democrats do have the majority, remember??? Here’s the deal, it is abundantly clear that Americans are united on several key gun policy proposals that Democrats favor and Republicans hate. Write that bill.

“Oh, noes!” I can hear you superior adults saying as you move the powder to the drying room. “Silly progressive, we can’t pass such a law as the big bad Republicans will not let it pass in the Senate!”

Well, no shit genius. Get you nose out of your navel and stop sniveling. It doesn’t matter what will or won’t pass! Don’t you get that??? You can’t get a gun reform bill passed even if you let the damned Republicans write some weak ass political cover bill themselves. Nothing is going to pass. You’re being played. Again!!!

So, if nothing is going to pass, use that opportunity to Democratic advantage and make Republicans pay at the polls. Write a bill that includes the following measures supported by overwhelming majorities of Americans:

Mandatory Universal Background Checks: 80-90% of Americans Support

Mandatory Red-Flag Laws: 70%+ of Americans Support

Mental Health Restrictions: 85-90% of Americans Support

Ban AR-15s: 60% of Americans Support

Pass this in the House, then send it to the Senate and make Republicans vote against it or more likely filibuster it.

“See, silly progressive, what is the point? The bill will go no where!”

Honestly, you really don’t get this? No bill is going to pass. So define Republicans with it and energize your base by growing a spine. Dare Repubicans block it. They don’t think you have the stones. Then when they do, go on every news program on cable, on every Sunday talk show, and write Op-Eds in every newspaper from now until the midterms about how Republicans are blocking meaningful gun legislation. Say it in a few words without going into the weeds. Here’s an example:

Democrats have passed a common sense gun reform bill supported by the overwhelming majority of Americans. Repubicans have blocked it at every turn because they value guns more than the lives of our children. Republicans won’t even agree to debate it!

And for crying out loud, use the word “Republican.”

Not “Congress.”

Not “GOP.”

And for fuck sake, not “Our friends on the other side of the isle.”


Republicans are the hold up.

Republicans are extreme.

Republicans are why we can’t have nice things.

Republicans are why our kids are being slaughtered in our schools.

Honestly Democrats, its just not that fucking hard. Our kids are dying.

You want a true majority in the Senate not controlled by millionaire coal Barron Joe Manchin? Do this and maybe Democrats will have a chance.

Keep giving Republicans political cover and the ability to delay any action and we’re all toast.

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