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To all the Democrats and Trump haters out there; I, and many fellow Americans, would like to personally thank you.

Thank you for $5 soon to be $6 gas. What did you think was going to happen once the fossil fuel hating left got back in control of the most powerful office in the country?

Thank you for 8% plus inflation. Inflation was 2.5% when the previous administration left office. You actually didn’t think printing money we don’t have wouldn’t devalue the dollar?

Thank you for stagflation and probably a recession coming in the near future. We had the best economic growth in 60 years from the previous administration. Average household income was up $7,000 per household.

Black and Hispanic unemployment was at record lows. God forbid we have people making money on their own. They wouldn’t need the government to come and “save” them.

Thank you for throwing open the southern border and allowing an influx of drugs, terrorists and illegals to pour into the country unchecked.

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Last but not least, I would like to thank the mainstream media for their daily lies and propaganda to push the nonstop agenda of the Democrat party. If they actually would report both sides of the story more people would be aware of the daily lies they tell for the current administration and the abomination that it is.

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