CA Progressives go after Democrats for endorsing Republicans

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The California Progressive Caucus wants the state Democratic Party to remove some members from leadership roles, claiming they’ve recently endorsed Republican candidates.

The caucus wants the party to boot seven Democrats from delegate positions for supporting GOP candidates who ran for various local political offices in the June 7 primary:

  • U.S. Rep. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana
  • U.S. Rep. Norma Torres, D-Pomona
  • State Sen. Mike McGuire, D-Healdsburg
  • Assemblyman Jim Wood, D-Santa Rosa
  • Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen
  • Elk Grove City Councilman Darren Suen
  • Elk Grove City Councilwoman Stephanie Nguyen

“Those Democrats that are working to elect Republicans cannot also be allowed to have a voice and vote in the internal operations of the California Democratic Party,” said Amar Shergill, caucus chair, in a letter to the party secretary.

Democratic State Central Committee delegates have a variety of leadership roles within the party that include helping to endorse candidates, ballot measures and resolutions.

The party’s bylaws say a delegate can be removed from their role if the person “publicly gives support to or avows a preference for a candidate registered as other than Party Preference Democratic in the voter-nominated top two open primary.”

Shergill told The Sacramento Bee his caucus is asking for delegates’ removal based only on recent endorsements, not ones from years past.

“The Democratic Party is has always been a place where we appreciate growth,” Shergill said. “We expect our elected officials to hear more information, re-evaluate and change their practices based on advocacy. And this issue is no different. If these folks that have endorsed Republican admit they made a mistake and commit to not doing it in the future, the party is sure to take that into account.”

Shergill said the caucus is pushing to remove the group ahead of an upcoming endorsement session. Delegates will help endorse candidates in some Democrat-on-Democrat races in which the party didn’t previously declare preferences.

The California Progressive Caucus is asking the state Democratic Party to remove Elk Grove Mayor Bobbie Singh-Allen (left), Elk Grove City Councilwoman Stephanie Nguyen and Elk Grove City Councilman Darren Suen, claiming they’ve endorsed Republican Pat Hume for Sacramento County supervisor. California Progressive Caucus

This includes the Assembly District 10 race in which Nguyen is a candidate. She will face Sacramento City Councilman Eric Guerra in November.

Guerra in 2018 came under criticism for supporting then-Republican Anne-Marie Schubert for Sacramento County District Attorney. The Democratic Party of Sacramento County removed Guerra from the central committee as a result of the endorsement.

Shergill’s letter claims Nguyen, Suen and Singh-Allen have all endorsed Republican Pat Hume for Sacramento County supervisor in District 5.

“Elk Grove council members are working hard to flip the Sacramento County board of supervisors to a Republican majority,” Shergill told The Bee.

In Nguyen’s case, Shergill cited a screenshot showing Nguyen among Hume’s endorsers and a flyer for a fundraiser on which she’s listed as part of the host committee.

However, Nguyen’s name is not currently listed as an endorser alongside Suen and Singh-Allen on Hume’s website.

And Andrew Acosta, Nguyen’s political consultant, said she has not and will not endorse a candidate in the race between Hume and Democratic candidate Jaclyn Moreno. Acosta is also serving as a consultant for Moreno in the District 5 race.

Singh-Allen told the Elk Grove News she’s supporting Hume based on a 15-year friendship and that voters “are tired of divisive politics, whether they are Democrats, Republicans or Independents.”

“They want people to work together to bring about solutions,” Singh-Allen said. “That has been and continues to be my focus.”

Suen agreed, citing a “long-standing personal and working relationship of which I know Pat to be a person of integrity and an experienced leader.”

“I have Democratic values and always have the best interest of Elk Grovians in mind,” Suen told the Elk Grove News. “For a nonpartisan seat, my endorsement is consistent with the latter.”

Shergill said the party will certify the round of endorsements in a couple of weeks, and leaders should have enough time to make decisions about the delegates before that happens.


Via Owen Tucker-Smith…

Despite advocates’ best efforts, a proposal to raise California’s minimum wage to $18/hour won’t be on the November ballot.

Ballot measure proponent Joseph Sanberg and two other advocates sued Secretary of State Shirley Weber two weeks ago after Weber announced that the measure had qualified for the 2024 ballot, not 2022.

Sanberg claimed that Weber failed to inform counties, which are tasked with verifying signatures, that the initiative was meant for November; because of this, counties didn’t rush to finish verification by the June 30 deadline.

But a judge in the Sacramento Superior Court on Friday ruled against Sanberg. Judge James Arguelles said Sanberg’s claim that Weber failed to notify counties of proper deadlines “lacks merit.”

“The burden was on Sanberg (and all others proposing statutory initiatives) to conform to the June 30 deadline if he wished to place the initiative on the November 2022 ballot,” Arguelles wrote. “Sanberg’s failure to do so did not somehow reallocate the burden to Weber.”

Arguelles also dismissed Sanberg’s argument that COVID-19 had delayed the petitioners’ ability to quickly collect signatures, and suggested that the court allowing the measure to land on the 2022 ballot could count as election interference.

But in an interview last week, Sanberg said that proponents would be looking for other means of getting an $18/hour minimum wage on the ballot, even if a judge ruled against them.

“We’ll continue to advocate to the governor’s longtime commitment to California working people to call a special election and put this on the ballot,” he said. Sanberg also said they’d be working with members of the Legislature to explore other options.“We’re not done until the minimum wage is increased, one way or another,” he said.


“CDC’s messaging that you only get monkeypox from gay men fuels anti-gay violence. Monkeypox in Africa spreads among all sorts of people. Just b/c this outbreak started among gay men doesn’t make it a gay disease. CDC’s Reagan-era thinking is very harmful.”

– State Sen. Scott Wiener, D-San Francisco, via Twitter.

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