Letter: ‘Political leaders need to be both truthful and humble’

AS FAR as I can see neither of the two remaining candidates for the Tory leadership have any convincing proposals for addressing the major issues we face – the cost of living crisis or climate breakdown. I wish I could believe that Labour under Sir Keir Starmer had anything much better to offer, but I do not see it.

But so long as we retain First Past the Post I see no other option. We need new thinking;  It is out there but not sufficiently represented in parliament. We need proportional representation. Currently there are MPs who put the interest of country, its people, and humanity at large, ahead of their own selfish interests; but they do not rise to the top. Whenever I see politicians who favour First Past the Post, I see people who put their selfish interests, or those of their party first. The late Liberal peer Nancy Seear warned her party, ‘loyalty to party is not enough’.

Political leaders need to be both truthful and humble. When Franklin D Roosevelt was faced with the Great Depression he had to abandon his cherished belief of ‘austerity’ and listen to others. This allowed him to come up with the New Deal. We have no Roosevelt. We need a moral revolution first. The last such revolution occurred in the mid 19th century, which ended the culture of nepotism.

David Smith


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