Reading Between the Lines on Voter Registration

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Race, gender … and now religion. Non-college educated minorities and women have been reliably shifting right, and we are seeing the same trend among Evangelical voters. What’s fascinating is that this isn’t an American phenomenon. It’s a Western democracy phenomenon, at least. Is it the rise of college graduates from a tiny minority to a sizable chunk of those populations? If so,  why didn’t we see something similar around high school education between the Civil War and WWII when graduation rates soared from 1 percent to 78 percent? Is it something about the uneven impact of the 2008 recession? But why would education be a better predictor than income? 

Let’s look at the shift among Evangelicals: 

Axios reported that “Democrats across the 10 most competitive Senate races are out-raising Republicans by more than $75 million among small-dollar donors — those giving less than $200 — according to an Axios analysis of Federal Election Commission records.”

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