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Concerning Alan Northcutt’s response to John Mayne’s letter about the city of Waco purchasing electric/hybrid vehicles, I would like to say a few things. First off, Northcutt must have the thinnest skin around. He responds to every letter concerning global warming/climate change and his rebuttals are always published as well as his regular published columns in the Trib. Also, he appears to constantly browbeat the city council over the same. One would think he is an employee of the Trib.

Despite Northcutt’s claims, reliance on wind and solar does threaten our electric grid. There is no valid reason for the city to purchase EVs just to make some people feel better. They may not now, but there will come a time that EVs will impact the electric grid if the climate activists get their way. There is no way wind and solar alone will replace natural gas and fossil fuels in our world like the climate extremists claim. Although not passed yet, many of the provisions included in the “Green New Deal,” which Northcutt supports based upon his many letters and columns, are bankrupting this country now, and the only thing standing in their way is Sen. Joe Manchin.

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Biden’s puppet masters will try executive orders, which hopefully will not succeed. This Democrat war on fossil fuels is part of the inflation problem now. How does it make any sense at all to beg our enemies to increase their oil production, but not the U.S.? Will global warming not affect us? Do you really think if the U.S. adopts the Green New Deal that China and India will go along? The answer is no, because they have too many people they are responsible for. This is, of course, assuming a large component of global warming is man-made, which the extremists claim. Feel free to drink that Kool-Aid.

I lived in Austin for 42 years and watched the city council, which has always been made up of people like Northcutt, totally lead a great city in an intractable decline because of radical environmentalism as well as homelessness, high taxes, defunding the police, and I could go on and on. These people are dangerous and they don’t care how many people are hurt along the way while achieving their agenda. Their God is the environment. There is no reason to facilitate Waco down the path to becoming a small Austin.

Muted blue

“Don’t California my Texas” is a common refrain by many. I say encourage as many people to move here as possible.

Think about the good things they can bring. Their numbers increase this state’s representation in Congress come census time. The more people here, the fewer people in pro-union states, thus helping our businesses make more money. That’s also less tax money for the radical liberal agenda.

For those who worry about the possibility of them turning our state blue, you can rest easy. Our legislature and governor have put in place systems to ensure that our conservative agenda is not threatened, even by a radical liberal majority. Our laws and districts are designed to ensure that we are still represented, no matter the demographic or political changes in constituency. We are protected from liberal Democrats winning a majority in the state legislature or any statewide office.

I say bring them here, because no matter their numbers, they can’t overpower us at the ballot box.

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